St. Charles Borromeo Seminary hosted a concert Saturday, April 9 led by the seminary’s director of sacred music and Wanamaker organist, Rudolph Lucente. Joining him for a program of classical and sacred music was the seminary’s artist in residence and Philadelphia Orchestra organist Michael Stairs, along with organist Colin Howland and trumpeter Brian Kuszyk. Also performing were vocalists Amanda Frederick, Kaitlyn Tierney, Toffer Mihalka and John Frederick.

All funds raised through the concert will support the seminary’s Spirituality Year Program. As part of the seminary’s priestly formation program, the year ordinarily follows a seminarian’s college graduation and offers intensive spiritual preparation and direction for the development of a rich internal life of prayer. (Photos by Bob Kelly)

Seminary concert IMG_1431lucente

Rudolph Lucente speaks to the guests at the concert.

Seminary concert IMG_1463c

Guests at the concert, including Archbishop Charles Chaput, appreciate the performance.

Seminary concert IMG_1512amanda

Vocalist Amanda Frederick performs a solo during the concert.


Seminary concert IMG_1553stairs

Michael Stairs plays the organ in St. Martin’s Chapel at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary.

Seminary concert IMG_1698

Vocalists at the concert included, from left, John Frederick, Toffer Mihalka, Kaitlyn Tierney and Amanda Frederick.


Seminary concert IMG_1743kuszyk

Trumpeter Brian Kuszyk plays in St. Martin’s Chapel.

Seminary concert IMG_1768

Seminary concert IMG_1763senior

Bishop Timothy Senior, rector of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Wynnewood, addresses the audience.