Many Catholics have a favorite saint to whom they pray; others recite the rosary or wear a scapular. In many cultures throughout the world, the faithful process through the streets to honor a particular image of the Lord or of the Blessed Mother.

While such practices are not a substitute for the liturgical life of the church, they can extend faith throughout the whole of daily life, helping to sanctify every moment.

In this set of stories from our partner, Catholic News Service, we take a closer look at devotions and how they enrich our spiritual journey.

A devotional life will not leave us as it found us
Devotions take a number of forms, but when they are rooted in Scripture and the Eucharist, they bring faith into the whole of our everyday lives.

Devotions help Catholics find God in daily life
Praying the rosary or asking for a saint’s intercession can supplement our faith, strengthening us between eucharistic meals like a spiritual snack.

Catholics worldwide find strength in popular devotions
From Peru to the Philippines — and everywhere in between — the Catholic faith is expressed in creative, inspiring ways.