Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, a rich season for deepening our relationship with the Lord through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

As we begin the journey to Easter, we examine Ash Wednesday more closely in this set of stories from our partner, Catholic News Service.

Rooted in Lenten prayer, hope leads to conversion
The journey to Easter calls us to a change of heart, drawing us ever closer to Christ as our lives unfold.

Ashes on the outside call us to look inward during Lent
Ash Wednesday leaves an unmistakable mark, one that invites us to undertake a “spiritual do-over” by turning from sin and seeking the Lord.

Ash Wednesday can be rebirth of faith in lapsed Catholics
Although it’s not a holy day of obligation, the first day of Lent attracts many inactive believers. Parishes can keep them coming back by offering plenty of opportunities to volunteer, pray and fast.