The sacrament of anointing of the sick — sometimes called the sacrament of the sick — continues the healing work of Jesus through the church. Learn about this sometimes misunderstood sacrament of healing and comfort in this continuing series on the sacraments by our partner Catholic News Service.

Coming soon to you: The sacrament of amazing grace
The very existence today of this sacrament shows that the sick remain a central concern of the church community. When sickness prevents someone from coming to church, her ministers come to them.

A misunderstood sacrament: Anointing of the sick
Believing that it is just for “last rites,” some people sadly wait too long to request anointing. It is a sacrament of healing and spiritual support, writes Father Ken Doyle.

Anointing of the sick: Christ and the church share in our suffering
One can hardly turn a page of the Gospels without observing Jesus healing all those who needed it. The anointing of the sick reminds us that Jesus understands our suffering and that the church shares our pain.