Love and charity are accented heavily during the annual season of Lent. In this series on the Lenten practice of almsgiving from our partner Catholic News Service, learn how the season’s sacrifices can deepen our commitment to love.

Put loving at the top of your to-do list this Lent
How will I love more generously today? How will I pay greater attention to others’ needs, whether my children and spouse, the irritating guy at the next desk, or the homeless in my city?

Abiding in God’s love
The word love is often translated as “charity” to make clear that it means more than having general affection for others — we are to hold them in esteem and treat them with benevolence.

At the heart of Lent is love, and charity that makes a difference
Just as Jesus in a parable names the poor beggar Lazarus to highlight his dignity, so must we go “out of our way to meet someone having a difficult time, someone who has not been treated as a person.”