In 1968, Pope Paul VI released “Humanae Vitae” (“On Human Life”), his landmark encyclical on procreation and artificial contraception. Written shortly after the pill became widely available, the document sparked a range of reactions among both the faithful and non-Catholics throughout the world.

On the 50th anniversary of its promulgation, we offer several reflections regarding “Humanae Vitae” from our partner, Catholic News Service.

The legacy of ‘Humanae Vitae’ at 50 years
Pope Paul VI accurately assessed not just sexuality, but human nature itself in his prophetic words on how artificial contraception would impact society.

What does the church teach about ‘responsible parenthood’?
Often overlooked, the Catholic Church’s teaching on responsible parenthood requires a well-formed conscience and the prudence to know when to be open to the God-given gift of a child.

How a non-Catholic couple discovered ‘Humanae Vitae’
A couple’s journey to the Catholic faith began in a public policy class, where the concept of natural family planning led them to embrace parenthood with love and hope.