Addiction has reached historical levels both in the U.S. and throughout the world. Although modern medicine has identified the physical causes and impact of substance abuse, true healing is only possible through a process that treats the soul as well as the body.

In this set of articles from Catholic News Service, we explore how the Catholic faith can bring Christ’s love to those suffering from addiction, and set them on a path that leads through recovery to sanctity.

Spiritual support on the road to recovery from addiction
The soul, as well as the body, is wounded by substance abuse. Retreats, which draw participants more closely to God through word and sacrament, are an essential and ongoing part of the healing process.

Matt Talbot: An old friend on the modern journey to recovery
The Irish laborer, declared “venerable” by Pope Paul VI, has become a beloved patron for those struggling with substance abuse. Almost destroyed by severe alcoholism, Talbot found healing and hope through a profound love of Christ and devotion to the Catholic faith.

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