Some 3 million Asian and Pacific Island Catholics live in the U.S., with rich histories and cultures that enhance the body of Christ.

Legacies of persecution, a deep devotion to Mary and a strong commitment to family and social bonds have prompted the U.S. bishops to develop a pastoral approach that enables Asian and Pacific Island Catholics to live out their faith to the fullest while strengthening the church to do the same.

In this set of articles from Catholic News Service, we take a closer look at the experience of Asian and Pacific Island Catholics in the U.S.


The new pastoral response to our Asian and Pacific Island communities in the U.S.
Asian and Pacific Island Catholics in the U.S. are a vibrant part of the Catholic Church. The U.S. bishops are seeking ways to help them and all the faithful “encounter Christ in harmony.”

Devotions to Mary inspire Catholics in Asia
Persecuted Catholics throughout Asia have been drawn to Mary, with special devotions arising at La Vang in Vietnam and at Donglu in China. In each place, Mary’s representation takes on the features of those who honor her, highlighting her solidarity with believers.

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