Icon of the Mother of God. (Ukrainian Catholic University)

The Radruzh Iconography School of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine will offer an online summer school in iconography, an ancient art intended to deepen devotion through contemplation of a sacred image.

Classes are open to all, regardless of artistic skill or experience, and will take place Aug. 8-29 through approximately 10 pre-recorded demonstrations, real-time lectures and personalized tutoring sessions.

Meetings will be held from one to three times per week, with a goal of completing an icon in 30-35 hours total.

The schedule is flexible and depends on the pace chosen by students and agreed upon by the group and the instructor.

The course will focus on an authentic medieval Ukrainian approach to icon painting, closely examining 15th- and 16th-century icons that display a high degree of originality and local flavor within the post-Byzantine Christian tradition.

Beginner students will create a portion of the icon of St. Michael (31 x 21 cm), while advanced students will complete an icon of the Mother of God with Child (28 x 24 cm).

The total cost of the program is €450, which includes tuition, all icon painting materials, supplies and shipment of the materials.

The school also offers a 15-hour, two-credit theoretical course (without actual painting) entitled “Theology of the Icon: Selected Topics” for $190.

The deadline for application has been extended to July 18.

For questions and inquiries, contact the program directors at arsacra@ucu.edu.ua or visit the summer school’s website.

For more information on the Radruzh Iconography School at the Ukrainian Catholic University, visit the program’s main website.