Timely but lopsided, ‘Antebellum’ reveals wounds old and new

The grim fantasy feature, starring Janelle Monae, explores the evil of racism past and present, but its one-dimensional characters leave little room for a hopeful future.

Remastered ‘Star Wars’ game fun for both old and new Jedi

One of the all-time bestsellers of its genre, the updated "Star Wars: Episode 1 -– Racer" allows a new generation to discover the fun of podracing on Tattooine.

In ‘Mulan,’ Disney+ gives epic tale big-budget treatment

The live-action reboot of 1998's animated adventure of female empowerment in ancient China is pleasing entertainment -- for those properly catechized.

Nuclear anniversary serves as impetus for two excellent books

The books strive, based upon Catholic social teaching, to reach the same goals: global and local peace and the destruction of nuclear weapons. Readers learn how they can be peace builders.

‘Tenet’: A wild and perplexing whodunit through time

With its suave players, exotic locales and spine-tingling stunts, the film's time-traveling plot is like James Bond on Red Bull -- except the villain is pursued in the past as well as the present.

New take on ‘Fatima’ tells a story for our times

A new dramatic retelling of the context of the 1917 apparitions of the Virgin Mary to three shepherd children underscores faith in a time of political upheaval and pandemic then and now.

For some viewers, ‘Fatima’ film has sparked devotion, faith

A producer sees the film as capable of uniting Catholics and producing "a major uptick in the morale and the commitment of Catholics around the world" -- as it did for him.

Artist gives modern (and multiracial) face to Catholic saints

From a blue-haired Joan of Arc to a Black Augustine, Gracie Morbitzer reimagines saints in all skin tones, while stressing their common humanity and their role as "friends."

Film tackles stigma of schizophrenia through eyes of teens

The touching drama "Words on Bathroom Walls" brings humane sensitivity and positive Catholic portrayals to showing how people with mental illness navigate the world.

Book on burial vs. cremation fails to address family economics

Scott Hahn's new book casts a critical eye on cremation, but a reviewer observes that a discussion of funeral costs would have bolstered Hahn's argument.