Author explores Catholic ‘fundamentalism’ with look at Scott Hahn

A new book on Hahn, a former Presbyterian and for the past 30 years a theologian at Franciscan University in Steubenville, examines his writings and theology.

‘Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga’ a kid-friendly adventure

The timeless toy and classic sci-fi franchise team up once again for a rich array of plots and characters, with mayhem kept to a minimum.

Vengeful and violent, ‘The Northman’ goes south on morals

Despite intense performances and striking landscapes, the Viking epic leaves viewers wincing at gore and wondering whether to root for, or run from, its embittered hero.

‘The Bad Guys’ animates a heist crew ala ‘Ocean’s 11’

This high-octane, older-kid-friendly caper is veteran animator Pierre Perifel's feature debut -- and the neophyte director nails it, and offers a rollicking treat for all but the youngest.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ sequel a dim flash of Harry Potter

Despite lavish visuals, the lackluster production of "The Secrets of Dumbledore" is marred by its enthusiasm for a popular but mistaken understanding of human sexuality.

Two books on Jesus: One to dig into, one to avoid

A review of a book on the archaeological roots of the Gospel stories of Jesus' life shows an intriguing perspective based on facts, whereas another book diverges so widely from the scriptural accounts that the person of Jesus is unrecognizable.

With a good heart and dirty mouth, ‘Father Stu’ inspires

Positive priest characters are a rarity in contemporary films. So Catholics will welcome the uplifting fact-based biography of a former boxer and listless store clerk, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg, becoming a priest.

‘Ambulance’ drives decent man to desperate ends

The tense crime drama explores the psychology of a fundamentally humane character caught up in criminal mayhem -- sometimes in the gory extreme, limiting the audience for this film only to the stout-hearted.

New book points to need for racial reckoning in women’s religious orders

"Subversive Habits" by Shannen Dee Williams details the struggles faced by many Black Catholic sisters, whom she calls the "forgotten prophets of American Catholicism and democracy."

Gritty but genuine, ’61st Street’ leads to a battle for survival

Set in Chicago, the morally complex drama series from AMC explores the lives of two men connected by a violent tragedy, and seeking mutual redemption.