Francis at 5 Years

Five years a pope: Francis’ focus has been on outreach

The cardinal from Argentina was elected pope March 13, 2013 just a few days after telling the College of Cardinals that the Catholic Church faced a clear choice between being a church that "goes out" or a church focused on its internal affairs.

Archbishop Chaput reflects on Pope Francis’ milestone

In a statement March 13, the archbishop recalled the pope's visit to Philadelphia in 2015 and the "special bond with the local church," and his challenge to "bear witness to Christ through concrete action."

Inside – Pope Francis at Five

In this edition of Inside, editor Matt Gambino and producer Gina Christian discuss the leadership of Pope Francis, now celebrating his fifth year as the shepherd of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis changed the conversation, but can he change the culture?

Matthew Manion hopes more Catholics make choices to change the culture, developing the humility of a Pope Francis to encounter those most in need and the courage of a Pope Benedict to try new things.

A timeline of Pope Francis’ papacy

See an infographic highlighting Francis' first five years as pope beginning March 13, 2013.

Wonder and wit: Five years of unique turns of phrase

Ignatiuan spirituality, visual elements from movies, books and medicine plus sayings from daily life help Pope Francis master the metaphors that drive home his spiritual messages.

A small sampler of Pope Francis quotes

See our baker's dozen of memorable thoughts by Francis on topics ranging from clerical sexual abuse to mercy to young people in the church.

U.S. Catholics’ political views driving approval ratings of pope

A Pew Research poll saw "growing discontent with Francis among Catholics on the political right" who "think he is too liberal and naive." Compared to a 2014 poll, "political polarization among American Catholics really stands out."

U.S. Catholics in social ministry buoyed by ‘Francis effect’

The pope's connection to "regular people" inspires Catholics working to serve others through authentic encounters, as Francis does. For five years he has "been like a healing salve on a hurting church."

The places Pope Francis has gone

In the five years since his election, the pope has visited 33 countries outside Italy, including the United States in 2015. See a graphic of the papal visits.