Lent 2016

Holy Week liturgies set for cathedral, parishes in archdiocese

The holiest days of the year are beginning in Catholic churches around the world. See our schedule of liturgies at the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul and what to expect at a parish near you.

Youth and young adults ready for Holy Week activities

Young Catholics in groups across the archdiocese are helping parishioners mark the sacred days before Easter.

In Holy Week’s triduum, place yourself in passion

In the manner of St. Ignatius, Michelle Francl-Donnay suggests we imagine ourselves among the characters of the passion of Christ, and our role in his Kingdom. What is he saying to us, and what will we do?

When the world’s tears meet Veronica’s veil

In praying the Stations of the Cross with her parish, Gina Christian realizes St. Veronica's tender gesture of wiping the face of Jesus can be a model of our response to the suffering of people near and far.

Darkness to light, 2016

In his Easter message, Archbishop Charles Chaput writes of the reality of the cross of Jesus, and how his dying restores everyone to the beauty God intended for each. In turn, we must each live as missionaries.

The hardest love is forgiveness of the one who hurt you most

Chris Stefanick sees in Jesus' act of love on the cross, and the early Christians' forgiveness of their persecutors, the way that love can not only change our world, but ourselves too.

The Stations of the Cross

Follow our prayerful meditation on the passion and death of Jesus Christ, using the beautiful artwork from a parish in the Philadelphia Archdiocese.

Some thoughts on the brink of Holy Week

As we prepare for the holiest week of the year, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput, our focus must in part be on supporting Middle East Christians, whom the U.S. State Department says is enduring genocide by Islamic State.

Salvation comes through the cross, not a magic wand, pope says

"The crucifix is not a decoration," Pope Francis said at morning Mass March 15. "If we want to know the love of God, let us look to the crucifix."

Preach the truth of your goodness to yourself

Don't listen to the lies you hear about your unworthiness and the names you're called, writes Chris Stefanick. Believe in the person redeemed and loved by God, then preach that truth to others.