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Vatican unveils Nativity scene, lights Christmas tree

The 85-foot-tall spruce tree came from the forests of the Veneto region in northeast Italy and another 20 smaller trees were donated by communities in the region's province of Vicenza.

Indonesia to deploy 160,000 people to protect churches for Christmas

This is an increase from last year, when nearly 90,000 security personnel guarded about 50,000 churches across the country.

At Madrid climate talks, Catholics work to provide ‘moral perspective’

A network of 17 Catholic development agencies in Europe and North America noted the importance of Catholic organizations at the talks, since more and more private sector and commercial companies attend.

Tensions arise in Canada around bishops’ inquiry of Haitian group

A Haitian women's support organization co-founded by Quebec nuns is exasperated by repeated requests from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops to know whether or not it supports the legalization of abortion.

Irish bishops: Christians must lead by example, welcome migrants

Ireland's Catholic bishops have criticized the use of intolerant language when it comes to discussions around migration and refugees.

After typhoon, Philippine dioceses deploy teams to help displaced

Catholic Church groups deployed teams to assist affected communities Dec. 4, a day after a powerful typhoon hit the Philippines, leaving at least four people dead.

Governments urged to shed fear of working with churches on persecution

The secretary of the Hungarian government's Aid for Persecuted Christians program, called for collaboration in responding to the plight of Christians whose religious rights are eroding worldwide.

Bishops in eastern Congo urge more protection, back day of strikes

Catholic bishops in eastern Congo urged better government protection for local communities, which staged a day of strikes for victims of recent violence.

W.Va. bishop meets Vatican official to discuss predecessor’s amends

Tasked with finding ways his predecessor should make amends for abuses, including gross financial misconduct, Bishop Mark E. Brennan of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia, was able to meet with a top Vatican official to discuss those plans.

Pope, council of cardinals discuss greater role for lay men and women

Pope Francis and his international Council of Cardinals reviewed aspects of the draft of the apostolic constitution that would govern the Roman Curia, including a greater role for lay men and women.