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Pope marks anniversary of U.S. women’s murder in El Salvador

Remembering the three U.S. religious women and a laywoman brutally murdered during El Salvador's civil war, Pope Francis hailed them as examples of faith and missionary discipleship.

Zairean rite may show way to Amazonian rite, pope says

The rite incorporates Congolese culture and reflects the needs of Catholics in the sub-Saharan African nation, suggesting "a promising way also for the eventual elaboration" of a new rite that would reflect the cultural needs of a specific area without distorting the ancient tradition of the church.

‘The violence is not stopping,’ warn bishops in Belarus

Catholic bishops warned of a "deepening crisis" in Belarus as people continue to protest disputed elections in August and security forces use tear gas and stun grenades. They arrested some 300 protesters including two Catholic priests Nov. 29.

Report says Montreal Archdiocese covered for abusive priest for decades

For nearly 40 years, warnings about a convicted former priest pedophile were ignored or deemed irrelevant because the numerous complaints mostly concerned adults and not minors, wrote a Canadian judge on the archdiocese's "culture of secrecy."

Pope appeals for peace as violence increases in Ethiopia

Pope Francis renewed his call for the Ethiopian government and opposition leaders to "reject the temptation of armed conflict." He appealed for prayer and "the peaceful resolution of discord."

Religious leaders must offer example of respect, cooperation, pope says

Christian churches and other religious traditions have the duty of dialogue to help people understand their responsibility to each other as members of one human family, Pope Francis wrote to the Orthodox patriarch.

Pandemic, economy worsen situation for Syria’s minority Christians

As poverty and hardships deepen for Kurdish and Yazidi Christians, they also find themselves trapped in a political stalemate -- rejected by the Muslim regime and other Christians.

At Mass with new cardinals, pope warns against worldliness

In his homily, Pope Francis said the two key phrases for the Advent season were God's closeness and people's vigilance against indifference and mediocrity.

Pope creates 13 new cardinals, including Washington archbishop

Pope Francis told the new cardinals that if they think of themselves as "Your Eminence," they are "off the path." Among the prelates was Cardinal Wilton Gregory, the first African American cardinal.

Groups that take their own ‘path’ lack Holy Spirit, pope says

Pope Francis said he was dismayed by Catholic communities that work to improve church life but do so without prayer, the Eucharist and unity with the church, instead becoming "a nice club."