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Lead poisoning from Notre Dame fire worse than first thought

When the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burned in April 2019, some of the 460 tons of lead on the roof melted and seeped into the environment. Now children are showing elevated levels of lead poisoning.

Pope ‘saddened’ by Turkish ruling to turn Hagia Sophia into mosque

The world's largest cathedral at its dedication in 537, Hagia Sophia served as a mosque since from the 1453 Ottoman conquest until 1935, when it became a museum.

July 16 virtual pilgrimage to Lourdes to affirm prayer against COVID-19

The 15-hour virtual event will honor those who have wished to visit the site of the 1858 apparitions of Mary "in a great affirmation of the power of prayer."

Virtual Renaissance: Online tourism breathes new life in ailing industry

With the pandemic causing a 40% drop in international tourism to Italy, its museums, shrines and other sites are offering online tours and educational resources.

Sanctuaries, shrines Catholics can ‘visit’ virtually in Europe, Mideast

Despite unpredictable travel restrictions, there are a number of important sites people can see online, including Lourdes and five others -- see our links.

The Ribbon 2020 commemorates 75th anniversary of atomic bombings

The campaign helps people desiring to express their hope for a world free of nuclear weapons through banners that can be joined to create one long colorful message of peace.

Ex-Salvadoran officer: ‘High command’ gave order to kill Jesuits in ’89

"The entire operation" to murder six Jesuits, their housekeeper and her daughter in El Salvador's civil war was ordered by the military, said a witness in the trial of a former Salvadoran colonel.

‘We all must get involved’ during pandemic, say Central American bishops

The bishops urged solidarity to provide health care and protect lives as the COVID-19 pandemic heaps misery and economic shocks on the poorer parts of the hemisphere.

At Angelus, pope backs U.N. resolution calling for global cease-fire

"The request for a global and immediate cease-fire, which would allow that peace and security necessary to provide the needed humanitarian assistance, is commendable," Pope Francis said.

Archives reveal abuse allegations against founder of Catholic movement

Recently opened archives revealed allegations of sexual abuse and abuse of power against the founder of the Schonstatt movement, Father Joseph Kentenich, in the 1950s.