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Pope appeals for aid to Lebanon, still suffering one year after blast

After one of history's largest non-nuclear explosions killed at least 214 and displaced 300,000, Pope Francis called upon the world to aid the Middle East nation "not only with words but with concrete actions."

Congo’s bishops want an end to attacks on Catholic Church, its leaders

A pattern of church bombings, vandalism and verbal attacks in the African nation poses "a serious attack on freedom of religion and expression" and "a violation of democracy," said conference secretary Father Donatien Nshole in an Aug. 2 statement.

Vatican releases rules for online learning for ecclesiastical universities

In an Aug. 2 statement, the Congregation for Catholic Education encouraged pontifical universities to expand course access to prisoners, migrants, the homeless, monks, contemplative nuns and even busy bishops.

Latin-rite bishop says separatists bar priests from eastern Ukraine

Auxiliary Bishop Jan Sobilo of the Diocese of Kharkiv-Zaporizhia urged Western church leaders to speak out amid new fears of violence from Russian-backed forces, ahead of a visit from Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople.

True joy comes from doing God’s will, pope tells young people

Speaking Aug. 1 at the Medjugorje Marian festival, Pope Francis said Mary's surrender to the divine plan points the way to eternal fulfillment, despite hardships.

Pope names new members to Academy of Sciences

An epidemiologist, a chemist, and two physicists are the latest to join the Vatican entity, whose roots stretch back to the 17th century.

Bishops say Spain trying to ‘dismantle the Christian worldview’

The warning, part of a July 28 pastoral statement, said the European nation's "spiritual impoverishment" is fueling attempts to recent measures on "erase distinctions between truth and falsehood, reality and fiction, good and evil."

Two new Canadian Indigenous leaders to prioritize reconciliation

Following a reckoning with Canada's residential school legacy, Chief RoseAnne Archibald and Governor General Mary Simon are focusing on "a renewed sense of possibility" for their country.

Nicaragua’s crisis ‘is reaching flashpoint,’ says witness at Hill hearing

Political, economic and social repression are combining to destabilize the Central American nation, according to July 21 testimony echoing grave concerns expressed by the country's Catholic bishops.

Abortion in Northern Ireland threatens peace process, bishops say

The British government's unilateral moves to make full abortion services available by March 31 stand to disrupt "the fragile balance of relationships at the heart of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement," said Archbishop Eamon Martin and four other bishops.