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U.S. climate envoy meets pope, speaks at Vatican conference

John Kerry met privately with Pope Francis May 15, the day after giving a keynote address at a closed-door meeting of two Vatican science academies. U.S. Treasury Secretary Jenet Yellen spoke in a related conference, saying, "The cost of inaction is too great."

‘Old habit’ of covering up abuse must stop everywhere, pope says

"Even today, we see how often in families the first reaction is to cover everything up," Pope Francis told an association fighting against child abuse. He added that it has always been the first reaction by other institutions, too, including the church.

Riding the green wave: Momentum for Laudato Si’ rises for next decade

When the special Laudato Si' Anniversary Year closes May 24, it will celebrate progress made over the past five years and launch new initiatives in an ongoing response to Pope Francis' call for the care of creation.

With book launch, Jesuits prepare to celebrate Ignatian Year

The roughly 15,000 members of the Society of Jesus and many people who draw on the spiritual heritage left by St. Ignatius of Loyola are marking a special Ignatian Year beginning May 20.

Israel’s Jewish-Arab cities, symbols of coexistence, face growing unrest

As Israeli gangs attack Arabs and destroy their property, Arab gangs are doing the reverse -- both brought into mixed cities like Haifa by outside extremist groups, said a priest in the city.

‘A long line’ of holy catechists have served the church, pope notes

By establishing the ministry of catechists this week, Pope Francis noted the many saintly teachers who helped build up the church. In the U.S. they include Nicholas Black Elk, who introduced hundreds of Lakota people to the Catholic faith.

In Gaza, tiny Catholic community tries to stay in touch during airstrikes

Palestinians including Christians are "very used to war," said a parish priest, citing people's anxiety because they are "closed in, night and day, with the bombings." Children, he said, are developing behavioral problems.

Pope Francis accepts resignation of Polish bishop accused of cover-up

The Polish bishops' conference said the Vatican had investigated "reported negligence" of a diocesan bishop who reassigned a priest who had propositioned boys and was arrested for possessing child porn.

As Israeli-Palestinian violence escalates, Christian leaders voice concern

Violence has been flaring in Jerusalem, including in a neighborhood where dozens of Palestinians are under threat of eviction from Jewish settlers, which the Latin patriarchate called "an unacceptable violation."

Being a catechist is a vocation, pope says in establishing formal ministry

Calling for formal recognition of lay men and women who by their baptism work to teach the faith, Pope Francis has instituted the "ministry of catechist." In the Philadelphia Archdiocese, more than 4,000 lay persons serve as catechists.