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God offers many ways to face life’s challenges, choices, pope says

Believers do not need to be afraid of obstacles, struggles and choices in life because God is always near, offering his love and guidance, Pope Francis said.

Put down the phone, look to God, look at others, pope tells kids

Pope Francis encouraged youngsters to put down their phones to spend time praying and looking at other people to see their needs.

Celebrate Christmas ‘with Ukraine in your hearts,’ pope says, urging aid

Celebrating Christmas is important and beautiful, Pope Francis said, but he asked people to spend less on their celebrations this year and donate the savings to help the people of Ukraine.

Congolese Catholics take to the streets to protest increasing violence

Catholics and other Christians in Congo took to the streets Dec. 4 to protest increasing violence, often caused when neighboring countries seek the nation's valuable minerals.

Pope supports Jewish-Catholic project for social justice

A person who helps others but does not worship God is a "good atheist," while someone who claims to believe in God but does not do anything to help others "is a cynic, a liar," Pope Francis said.

Keep the creche in Christmas, pope urges

Stopping to gaze at and perhaps pray before a Nativity scene is one of the best ways to remember the real meaning of Christmas, Pope Francis said.

Being ‘inclusive’ of those with disabilities means valuing them, pope says

Making churches accessible and services understandable is important, but having wheelchair ramps and sign-language interpreters is not enough for a parish to call itself "inclusive," Pope Francis said.

No heat, no electricity: Bishop warns of new wave of Ukrainian refugees

A Ukrainian bishop warned huge numbers of citizens could flee to Western countries during winter, and he appealed for continued international support in the face of a threatened "humanitarian catastrophe."

Migration must be managed, not stopped, pope tells European governments

The meeting Dec. 1-3 brought together representatives of the European Union and European countries on the Mediterranean with representatives from the Middle Eastern and North African nations that face the sea and that often are crossed by migrants and refugees seeking a better life in Europe.

Vatican announces Pope Francis’ end-of-year liturgy schedule

With most of the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic removed, Pope Francis is scheduled to return to a full slate of public liturgies in December and January.