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Munich abuse report incriminates retired pope

A German law firm's report accuses retired Pope Benedict XVI of misconduct in handling sex abuse cases in his archdiocese from 1977 to 1982. The Vatican vowed to study the report.

Pope declares St. Irenaeus a doctor of the church

Pope Francis said the second-century theologian is a "doctor of unity" who serves as "a spiritual and theological bridge between Eastern and Western Christians."

Lebanese archbishop: ‘We cannot ignore the hunger of the people’

Lebanon's financial meltdown is the worst worldwide since the 1850s, with nearly 80% of the population living in poverty. A $40 box of food aid equals three months' salary.

Ireland adds St. Brigid’s feast day as national holiday

The Irish government has added a new public holiday to the national calendar to honor the country's female patron, St. Brigid of Kildare.

China region hosting Olympics has history of Catholic persecution

A resort town and venue for skiing events during the upcoming Winter Olympics has seen the massacre and torture of Catholics from the 18th century even up to 2011.

30 years after peace pact, Salvadoran grateful not to run for her life

Although true peace remains elusive with gang violence rampant in the country, Salvadorans are marking the 1992 peace accords between the government and rebels. Salvadorans are set to celebrate the beatification of four killed during the civil war.

Polish diocese apologizes after suggestion altar server enjoyed rape

A Polish diocese apologized after its lawyer suggested a former altar server could have been a homosexual who "gained satisfaction" from being sexually molested by a priest. An advocate said the church still had "a long way to go" in combating abuse.

Pope: Communication must build communion, fraternity

In a time when social networks can tend to divide people, Christian media must instead work to unite men and women, Pope Francis told a group of Franciscans marking the centenary of a magazine in the Holy Land.

Synodality and ecumenism require walking together, say cardinals

Ecumenism is an "exchange of gifts" and "one of the gifts Catholics can receive from the other Christians is their experience and understanding of synodality," which concerns listening, said the heads of two Vatican offices.

Ukrainian priests appeal for support as Russian threat grows

Fearing an invasion by Russian armed forces, Catholics in Ukraine were "seeking prayers for peace, as well as material help and support" from Western church leaders.