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U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan may risk civil war, says priest in Kabul

An Italian Barnabite priest questions whether talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban can succeed as the U.S. prepares to pull out of the country after 20 years.

Christians, Muslims must spread hope, says Vatican message for Ramadan

God calls the faithful of both religions to be "witnesses, restorers and builders of hope" both in this life and the next, said the leaders of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.

As pandemic worsens in Brazil, pope tells bishops to be one with people

"Everyone knows what it takes. It is possible to overcome the pandemic," Pope Francis said in a video. "But we can do so only if we are united." Critics say Brazil has refused to adopt "evidence-based public health measures."

Fraternity needed to address global challenges, Vatican official says

Although the COVID pandemic brought awareness of "a world community sailing in the same boat," the race for vaccines revealed a "gap in access to basic care between developed countries and the rest of the world," said the Vatican's secretary of state.

Police fire tear gas into Haitian bishops’ Mass for freedom

The COVID-19 pandemic has not directly impacted Haiti's people but a secondary fallout -- high unemployment -- and mismanagement of the response have further strained local economies and led to growing anarchy, including attacks on clergy and religious.

Catholics mobilize to help evacuees from Caribbean volcano

Despite continuous volcanic eruptions and ashfall on St. Vincent and neighboring islands, dioceses in the West Indies have rallied to the aid of those affected by La Soufrière volcano.

Italy seeks arrest of broker in Vatican property deal

Italian authorities issued an arrest warrant for Gianluigi Torzi, an Italian broker who served as the middleman in the Vatican's majority stake purchase of a property in London.

Transparency on sex abuse still needed, church experts say

While Pope Francis' reform of canon law is a good step toward accountability for church leadership, more must be done, including support for the rights of victims, said canonists in Rome.

Major Vatican conference on priesthood slated for 2022

The relationship between baptism and ordained ministry, and between laypeople and priests, will be studied at a three-day theological gathering to ensure service, not "ecclesiastical power," is the focus for clergy.

False promises, economic illusions feed some migrants’ dreams

It's not only Central Americans in cities who are fleeing their country because of gangs. Rural residents believe the only way to build a home and start a family is to work in the U.S. But their rose-colored dreams meet harsh realities.