Parishioners look forward to public Masses with joy, anxiety spoke with dozens of local Catholics in city and suburbs, and heard voices of eager anticipation of the return of public Masses June 6-7, along with apprehension for its effects on health.

Catholic singles find each other despite COVID

A speed dating service that's helped some 30 couples to the altar so far moved online during the pandemic, keeping participants connected to each other and to God.

Phila. police chaplain blesses hospital workers fighting pandemic

Oblate Father Steven Wetzel prayed over "hands raw from scrubbing" and "shoulders that carry the weight of life and death” at the city's Jefferson Torresdale Hospital on May 21.

Pandemic may lead to changes in the way schools operate, say educators

Schools have had to adjust how they deliver education to students confined to their homes. Teachers, parents and students face a new reality in the fall as the teaching profession reinvents itself, say educators.

Catholic home health care ministers to body and soul

Mercy Home Health workers team up with prayer companions to provide skilled care and spiritual support, both needed more than ever due to COVID-19.

Knights of Columbus donate $50K to archdiocesan food cupboards

The world's largest Catholic fraternal organization is replenishing shelves at five of Nutritional Development Services' area outreaches, where requests for help are up 100%.

Despite its origin, coronavirus isn’t a divine judgment

In response to a reader's letter that gets to the age-old question, "Why would a loving God let this happen?", Father Ken Doyle explains how God is calling all to trust in him during the pandemic.

‘Manna Sunday’ food drive aims for much-needed miracle

With unemployment now close to 15%, the annual collection by archdiocesan Nutritional Development Services has become a lifeline for families struggling with hunger.

Juniata parish stays close to Mary, despite social distancing

At Holy Innocents in Philadelphia, a normally elaborate May procession was revamped to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, but devotion to the "Help of the Sick" is stronger than ever.

Agree or not, but be charitable in all things

We can disagree about the pandemic, writes Scott Hahn. What we must not do is have contempt for one another. This deadly poison will kill love — in our homes, our parishes, our dioceses — if we let it get near us.