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Young people at forefront of pro-life fight called ‘new Magi’ of movement

Catholic school leaders throughout the U.S. take thousands of their students to the regional or national March for Life events each year in an effort to engage them in the pro-life cause and to eventually pass the torch of leadership to them.

Poll shows a strong majority of Americans want restrictions on abortion

The annual poll of Americans' views on abortion sponsored by the Knights of Columbus indicates that more than three-fourths continue to want "significant restrictions" on abortion access, even though a slim majority describe themselves as "pro-choice."

Alert prompts Hawaii bishop to give general absolution to deacon group

The absolution of sins given to a group of people at one time is allowed only in grave circumstances, such as situations of great danger or imminent death, or for soldiers going into battle, when private confessions are logistically impossible.

Young adults want to be heard by the church, study finds

A new study by St. Mary's Press looks at the reasons for religious disaffiliation, asking teenagers and young adults ages 15 to 25 a basic question: Why did you leave the church?

March lauded for witnessing to life; participation in ‘9 Days’ urged

In a message of support for the March for Life in Washington, a Vatican official praised "the tens of thousands" of participants for their witness to the "value of every human life" and for upholding the dignity of life from conception to natural death.

President Trump to address March for Life crowd live via satellite

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced at her daily press briefing Jan. 17 that President Donald Trump will become the first president to address the March for Life live from the White House Rose Garden via satellite.

Archbishop brings ‘God’s love’ to mudslide victims with special Mass

One of the hardest things in the world is to keep believing in God's love when we see tragedy," Los Angeles Archbishop Jose H. Gomez said.

After fleeing Iraq, Chaldean Catholic now makes faith-based films

Pete Shilaimon was only 5 years old when his family -- mother, father, brother and sister -- left pretty much everything and everybody that they knew behind and headed to Greece.

Panel: Immigrants, like everyone else, want love, family, peaceful life

Pope Francis has encouraged Catholics to move beyond statistics in discussions of migrants and refugees, and to remember that "each of them has a name, a face and a story," said John Garvey, president of The Catholic University of America.

Survey: Women say Eucharist, helping poor is what it means to be Catholic

They also have the potential to turn the tide in the 2018 mid-term elections, according to a nationwide survey released Jan. 16 by America magazine, a Jesuit-owned publication.