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Bishops: Amend repeal bill to protect poor, keep ban on abortion coverage

"As you consider the Graham-Cassidy legislation as a possible replacement for the Affordable Care Act, we urge you to think of the harm that will be caused to poor and vulnerable people and amend the legislation while retaining its positive features," the bishops said in a letter to all senators.

After repeated pinnings, Senate goes to the mat again on ACA repeal

The latest bill is one co-sponsored by Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana. It would repeal the ACA and replace it with block grants for the states to spend as they see fit. The block grants' size, though, would shrink over time and disappear altogether in 2027.

Bishop calls on U.S. to provide aid, act to resolve Rohingya crisis

The number of Rohingya Muslims fleeing to Bangladesh from persecution in Myanmar has slowed but could still be as high as half a million, even as reports suggest Muslim villages in northern Rakhine were burning as late as Sept. 21.

Bishop Braxton calls action to end racism imperative for every American

From taking a public stance at a rally to reaching out to a neighbor, racism can be addressed and overturned, the bishop said during a presentation at a Sept. 21 "teach-in" on fighting racism sponsored by the university's National Catholic School of Social Service.

Church-based charities provide earthquake relief in Mexico

In the aftermath of two earthquakes in the span of two weeks in Mexico church-based relief agencies have been on the ground providing food, shelter and repairs.

With prayer, Catholics in Puerto Rico deal with Hurricane Maria’s wrath

UPDATED - Authorities say it may take months for electricity to fully return to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria pummeled the island and its infrastructure as it made landfall Sept. 20.

Committee OKs bill on aid for persecuted religious groups in Iraq, Syria

Called the Iraq and Syria Genocide Emergency Relief and Accountability Act, or H.R. 390, it also would provide "accountability for perpetrators" of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in the region.

Sistine Chapel Choir makes rare visit to United States

The Sistine Chapel Choir came to Washington Sept. 20 on a rare U.S. visit. Its stops included Detroit and New York as well as The Catholic University of America, where it gave a concert and presented a workshop.

Affirmation of peace is commitment to justice, says St. Louis archbishop

More than 500 people gathered at Kiener Plaza Park Sept. 19 for an Interfaith Prayer Service for Peace and Solidarity. Following the nearly one-hour service, almost 300 people marched from the plaza to City Hall, where they held a peaceful demonstration.

For working priests, distance-learning evangelization degree is godsend

A licentiate in sacred theology in the new evangelization from the Motor City seminary, a four-year, one-of-a-kind distance-learning program, offers priests a chance to learn from some of the top Catholic minds in the country while still serving "in the trenches" of their day-to-day ministries.