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Group marches for rights of ‘pre-born women,’ women exploited by abortion

President Trump "has made a lot of promises to the pro-life movement and I want to hold him to his promises," said college senior Colleen McCrum at the Jan. 21 Women's March on Washington.

Trump executive order reinstates ‘Mexico City Policy’ on abortion

The "Mexico City policy" was reinstated today by President Donald Trump. President Ronald Reagan established the ban in 1984 and it has been reversed and reinstated by succeeding administrations ever since.

Catholic schools plant seeds for vocations by example

Although priests and women religious say a variety of reasons led them to pursue their vocation, one thing many of them have in common is that they went to a Catholic school.

Pro-life groups march with women in capital, even after snub

After being removed as a partner in the Women's March on Washington, members of a pro-life group took to the streets Jan. 21 to join the massive event. Prepared for confrontation, the pro-lifers instead found support by many women.

Jesuit chaplain gives benediction at post-inaugural luncheon

At the event before the inaugural parade, the chaplain of the House of Representatives prayed that President Trump "might become his best self" and be "strengthened in his work and grow in understanding."

Protesters take to streets of downtown Washington on Inauguration Day

The Inauguration Day protests were scattered throughout large areas in downtown Washington, where diverse crowds of young and old turned out to make their displeasure, ire, or sorrow heard.

Trump presidency receives words of hope, prayers for civility

As civil and religious leaders congratulated President Trump, advocates urged immigration reform, care for the poor and support of Middle East Christians. Women and men religious called for healing of the country's political divisions.

‘We will be protected by God,’ Trump declares in inaugural address

After being sworn in at the Capitol, President Donald Trump called for solidarity in his inaugural address and described the ills he sees in America and around the world. "From this day forward, it's going to be only America first," he said.

Pope offers prayers for Trump as he becomes 45th U.S. president

In his message asking God to grant the new president, his family and all Americans "every material and spiritual prosperity," Pope Francis said humanity faces "grave humanitarian crises" that demand "far-sighted and united political responses."

On eve of inauguration, L.A. archbishop stresses immigrants’ dignity

"People do not cease to be human ... just because they have an irregular immigration status," said Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles, home to 1 million undocumented immigrants. They are brothers and sisters. Our family."