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Religious liberty, discrimination and DACA highlight court’s new term

The upcoming Supreme Court term -- which starts Oct. 7 -- will offer plenty of cases that Catholics will be paying close attention to.

Texas parish keeps ‘unshakable’ faith after Imelda hits Houston, Beaumont

With students finally back in renovated classrooms damaged by a flood this May, Tropical Storm Imelda brought catastrophic flooding and record breaking rainfall to the southeast Texas Gulf Coast, pushing 6 inches of floodwaters into two school buildings.

Colombian priest works for recovery from civil war in his homeland

A three-year-old peace process that has emphasized reconciliation between the people who work the land, the rebel groups that tried to take the land, and the government, which has a minimal presence in the region.

Charities team returns from fact-finding mission to Nassau, Bahamas

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami will ship targeted emergency goods and humanitarian relief to the hurricane-ravaged Bahamas through a temporary partnership with the Archdiocese of Nassau.

Maine voters won’t get chance to veto suicide, abortion laws at ballot box

Bishop Robert P. Deeley of Portland said he was "saddened to learn" that physician-assisted suicide and taxpayer-funded abortions will not face a statewide vote "despite the great opposition" to both laws.

Mass celebrates life of famed Memphis Catholic who founded order

A high Mass in Latin was celebrated in remembrance of prominent Memphis historical figure Mother Mary Agnes Magevney (1841-1891) at St. Peter Church, sponsored by the Magevney Society.

‘They have lost absolutely everything,’ say volunteers back from Bahamas

The government of the Bahamas says that the official death toll following Dorian has reached 50, and hundreds remain officially listed as missing while search-and-rescue teams continue to comb through widespread wreckage.

Polls show big support for conscience protections for health care workers

An overwhelming majority of Americans -- 83% -- said they support conscience protection rights for health care professionals because they should not be forced to perform procedures against their moral beliefs.

Sister Prejean tells how she ‘woke up’ to injustices nearly 40 years ago

Sister Helen Prejean, the well-known advocate for the abolition of the death penalty, was not always doing this work. It came out of her "waking up," as she put it, to capital punishment's injustice.

‘Grisly discovery’ of fetal remains at abortionist’s home sparks outrage

UPDATED - The Sept. 13 disclosure that the preserved remains of over 2,200 aborted babies had been found at the home of a recently deceased Indiana abortionist has spurred demands for a full investigation.