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Americans must remember ‘core principles,’ Mattis says

Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis was the keynote speaker at the annual Al Smith dinner in New York, during which he invoked Abraham Lincoln's warnings and urging to "restore trust in one another."

Barr sees ‘growing refusal’ to accommodate free exercise of religion

Religion "helps promote moral discipline within society" and "helps teach, train and habituate people to want what is good," U.S. Attorney General William Barr told an audience at the University of Notre Dame Law School.

Report outlines ‘dangers, harms’ assisted suicide laws pose to disabled

The National Council on Disability's concerns stem from the understanding that if assisted suicide is legal, some people's lives, particularly those of people with disabilities, will be ended without their fully informed and free consent.

World faces difficult task in seeking lasting peace in Syrian conflict

Turkey's push into Kurdish-ruled territory in Syria violates the United Nations charter and that the world must quickly pursue diplomatic means to head off a long-term occupation that is likely to be marked by forced relocation, brutality and even random killings.

March for Life 2020 theme pays tribute to pro-life view of early feminists

Organizers of the March for Life have chosen "Life Empowered: Pro-Life Is Pro-Woman" for the 2020 rally and march in Washington.

Couple calls adoption blessing, gift and ‘roller coaster of emotions’

After David and Maria Schuette got married in 2015 they faced infertility but later adopted two sons, and were present at the births of both. "The joy of parenthood isn't dependent on whether your child is your biological child," said David.

Pew poll shows ‘nones’ exceeding Catholics in U.S.

Those who profess no religious affiliation grew while the percentage of Catholics declined in the past 10 years, said a Pew Research Center survey. But 62% of Christians attending church twice a month do so at the same rate as 2009.

‘No religion’ rising among all ages; ‘enormous implications’ foreseen

Most of the religiously unaffiliated people in the U.S. are young, but a Fordham symposium said the trend encompasses all age groups. Panelists pointed to causes for the increase, and offered solutions.

Four N.Y. priests placed on leave; accused of abuse dating back decades

The New York Archdiocese has placed four of its priests -- three pastors and the director of priest personnel -- on administrative leave following an allegation of abuse with minors dating back several decades.

Gov. Cuomo pledges ‘full support’ for public statue of Mother Cabrini

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the state will build a statue to St. Frances Cabrini, patron saint of immigrants. His announcement followed a decision by the She Built NYC commission to reject funding of a public statue of Mother Cabrini, as she is best known.