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Federal judge’s order temporarily blocks Texas’ abortion law

A judge granted an emergency request from the Justice Department, which had already sued the state saying the law was unconstitutional. It bans most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

Church must move from ‘maintenance’ to ‘mission,’ bishop says

After watching cultural trends for years, a Mississippi bishop believes for the church to survive and flourish it must completely change the way it does things, making active discipleship the central goal for every Catholic.

Pope’s popularity among U.S. Catholics remains high, poll finds

The pope's decision to limit the so-called Tridentine-rite Mass was met with a collective shrug by American Catholics, with 65% saying they had not even heard of the controversy.

New rule allowing federal funds for abortion called ‘offensive’

The Biden administration's decision to allow Title X family planning funds go to health facilities that perform and promote abortion "is offensive to tens of millions of Americans," said the president of National Right to Life.

Fixing immigration seen as necessary to spur U.S. economy

"We have people who want to work, standing at the border. Restaurants are opening fewer days, opening fewer tables, hotels aren't servicing rooms like they used to. I mean, we're in dire need," said a Republican state senator and discussion panelist.

Knights of Columbus documentary ‘Enduring Faith’ now available to all

After a successful run on ABC affiliates throughout the U.S., a film documenting the legacy of the Catholic faith among Indigenous communities in North America, is now available on the Knights' website.

St. Joseph, protector of Holy Family, is model for 2021 Respect Life Month

The foster father of Christ is "a profound reminder of our own call to welcome, safeguard and defend God's precious gift of human life," said the chairman of the U.S. bishops' pro-life committee.

Missionary priest serving Native Alaskans wins Lumen Christi Award

Father Stan Jaszek, a missionary priest from Poland, has spent two decades dedicating himself to the Yup'ik people, a mission that has deepened amid the COVID pandemic.

Migrants, advocates gather at border, call on Biden to ‘save our asylum’

More than 200 supporters rallied in Arizona Sept. 25 as two dozen families sought asylum, with one woman noting the migrants were "not criminals" but were "fleeing crime" in search of safety for their children. "We're not criminals," she added. "We're fleeing from the crime

Bishop urges U.S. to recommit to ending arms race head of treaty review

Bishop David J. Malloy of Rockford, Illinois, said new nuclear weapons technologies being developed by the U.S. and Russia undermine a non-proliferation treaty up for review early next year.