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Parishes should plan now how to welcome back parishioners

"You can't be thinking, 'What will we do after the pandemic?' You have to be doing it now," said a Dominican sister, among other Catholic leaders. "People have to be creative, innovating."

Initiative aims to help 1,000 poorest parishes in U.S.

Catholic Extension is seeking 1,000 faith communities to raise a minimum of $1,000 each during Lent to help the 1,000 poorest parishes in the country that are serving the poor.

S.C. governor signs abortion bill, says right to life is ‘fundamental’

A new state law prohibits an abortion if a doctor detects a fetal heartbeat after a required test. A woman who receives an abortion in violation of the law could sue for $10,000 in damages.

Greensburg’s new bishop is first native son to head the Pa. diocese

Archbishop Nelson Pérez was the principal consecrator of Bishop Larry Kulick, a parish priest and now the sixth bishop of the diocese that covers four counties in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Church leaps into response to severe weather as Lent begins

The lack of electricity due to Arctic-like conditions in the southern Plains led parishes in the region to cancel Ash Wednesday Masses and the distribution of ashes for the first time in memory.

Winter storm’s grip doesn’t stop ministries, outreach in Dallas Diocese

Catholic Charities agencies and parishes were continuing to care for the elderly, at-risk children and homeless people during the storm that caused widespread power outages and numerous cancellations.

Biden’s immigration plan begins long journey through Congress

Though pundits say the bill has little chance of becoming law, it shifts the debate by targeting aid to Central America and its corruption that causes people to migrate to the U.S.

Word change in Mass prayer takes effect on Ash Wednesday

Last May the Vatican informed the U.S. bishops that translated wording in a concluding prayer was incorrect. "One God, for ever and ever" will now read "God, for ever and ever."

House bill recognizes fetal pain, would bar most abortions after 20 weeks

Saying that today "we are not living in uninformed times," U.S. Rep. Chris Smith cited leading experts in fetal pain as he introduced a bill Feb. 15 that would end "dismemberment abortions."

Study: Black Catholics less religious than their Protestant counterparts

Among Black Americans who identify with a religion, "Protestants (73%) are more likely than Catholics (49%) to say religion is very important to them," said a new Pew survey, "Faith Among Black Americans."