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Federal judge blocks N.Y. limits on religious gatherings

A federal judge June 26 blocked enforcement of New York restrictions on outdoor and indoor religious gatherings that are stricter than those for ongoing protests over racial injustice.

Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion law

In a 5-4 decision June 29, the Supreme Court ruled that the requiring that doctors who perform abortions have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals could not stand.

Racism needs ‘honest discussion,’ not destruction, says archbishop

San Francisco's archbishop said June 20 the defacing of a statue of St. Junipero Serra is the latest example of some people using the current movement against racial injustice as a reason for violence.

Supreme Court says asylum-seekers can’t challenge deportations

In a 7-2 decision June 25, the Supreme Court said the Trump administration can deport some asylum-seekers without granting them a federal court hearing.

U.S. suspends some visas, extends immigration restrictions

Catholic groups have joined others in protesting new immigration restrictions of the Trump administration, including a popular visa program for skilled workers.

Annual audit shows 4,400+ allegations of clergy abuse reported

A new report attributed 37% of the new allegations to lawsuits, victim compensation programs by dioceses, and bankruptcies. An additional 3% of allegations emerged after a review of clergy files.

Trump’s order on foster care backs civic-religious partnerships

President Donald Trump June 24 called for creating partnerships between state agencies and public, private, faith-based and community organizations to enhance the child welfare system.

Place to start for addressing racial injustice is apology, professor says

Referring to the sacrament of reconciliation, an educator believes there must be an apology "for taking so long to empathize ... with the suffering of Black Americans."

Uncertain times are a call to build a better world, bishop tells police

As tensions continue to mount in the U.S., police officers and first responders should work to better themselves in service to their local community, said a Texas bishop at a Blue Mass.

COVID-19 limits, rulings seen as latest challenges to religious liberty

Speakers at a recent forum described an uncertain path ahead as government authorities balance public health with congregations' needs for communal worship.