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Heeding ‘call to discipleship’ seen as key to efforts to build up church

Will pastoral leaders simply parrot Pope Francis as they explore new ways to build up the church, or truly "deny" themselves and follow the example of Christ, regardless of the consequences?

Taking care of world God created a moral, spiritual duty, archbishop says

With a proclamation of the story of the creation of the universe from the Book of Genesis and a blessing with water, the Mid-Atlantic Congress opened with a splash Feb. 16 in Baltimore with the theme "Blessed as Living Witnesses."

Vigil near White House highlights worries over Trump immigration policies

About 80 people quietly holding placards that read "Love Thy Neighbor" gathered at Lafayette Park across from the White House to send a message to President Trump in the wake of his executive actions on immigration and border security.

Trump administration sets new wide-ranging immigration guidelines

UPDATED - Two Department of Homeland Security memos called for a border wall to prevent unauthorized immigration plus more staff to strengthen enforcement of immigration laws and "repatriate illegal immigrants swiftly."

Grass-roots leaders join call for ‘disrupting’ oppression that hurts many

The leaders attending the U.S. Regional World Meeting of Popular Movements concluded the four-day meeting Feb. 19 saying in a final message that a "small elite is growing wealthy and powerful off the suffering of our families."

Protect borders, but be openhearted, rabbi says

If there is a registry of Muslims in the United States, Rabbi Michael Cahana will register himself as a Muslim, he said during an annual talk in Portland given jointly with Catholic and Episcopal pastors. They discussed the religious tradition of welcoming the stranger.

Trump administration urged to do all it can to ‘care for creation’

Quoting Pope Francis' encyclical "Laudato Si'," three Catholic leaders wrote to U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Feb. 17 urging the Trump administration to do all it can to care for creation both domestically and globally.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal marks 50th anniversary of founding this year

The "Duquesne Weekend" is the acknowledged beginnings of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the United States, which has spread around the world.

New Mexico school a beacon of hope, faith for Native American youth

The presence of Catholic schools is especially needed in some of the poorest areas of the country. By providing a quality education, the church helps young people in poor communities to realize their potential.

Vietnam-born priest offers to swap U.S. citizenship to allow refugee in

Father Chuong Hoai Nguyen has offered to President Donald Trump that he would trade his own U.S. citizenship with a refugee to allow into the United States someone from one of the countries Trump listed in his Jan. 27 travel ban.