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Dominican sisters, women of faith, decry policy of separating families

A woman's religious order and a group of women of all faiths are taking a stance against the Trump administration's policy of separating families by taking children into custody and sending parents to detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border.

National Review Board chair alerts bishops to complacency on abuse

Francesco Cesareo said that auditors preparing the report on the implementation of the "Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People" found signs of complacency in carrying out the charter in some dioceses and eparchies.

Advisory council has represented U.S. Catholic concerns for 50 years

The National Advisory Council, conceived as a rotating group of advisers, helps the prelates take various views into consideration as they look for a way to respond to topics as a group and in the public arena.

Gathering looks at how to overcome polarization using social teaching

Researchers presented survey results on polarization at the conference and noted that U.S. Catholics are deeply divided on controversial issues like abortion and immigration.

At meeting in Florida, U.S. bishops decry Sessions’ asylum decision

UPDATED - They urged the nation's policymakers and courts "to respect and enhance, not erode, the potential of our asylum system to preserve and protect the right to life."

Catholic groups condemn ruling that limits some asylum seekers

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that U.S. asylum laws cannot be used to remedy "all misfortune."

AMA delegates OK continued review of group’s assisted suicide policy

The American Medical Association House of Delegates voted 314-243 not to affirm the report of the organization's Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs to maintain the AMA's long-held opposition to assisted suicide.

Encuentro priorities to help shape Hispanic ministry for years to come

Nearly 200 Hispanic ministry leaders from 13 dioceses in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin gathered at the University of Notre Dame for their Region VII encuentro, held June 8-10.

Church praised for proactive response on abuse but warned of complacency

Francesco Cesareo, chairman of the National Review Board, shared that view with diocesan safe environment and victims' assistance coordinators attending the Child and Youth Protection Catholic Leadership Conference.

How Catholic schools foster self-discipline offers lessons, says study

A new study conducted by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute found that children in Catholic schools are less disruptive and have more self-control than their peers in non-Catholic or public schools.