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Law experts: Federal vaccine mandate has strong legal footing

The president is well within his powers to issue the mandate, say experts from three Catholic law schools. As long as the mandate allows exemptions for religious, medical or disability reasons, then it is expected to survive legal challenges.

Court to hear case on religious schools barred from Maine choice program

Parents in Maine are challenging a state rule that lets families who live in towns without public schools receive public tuition funds to send their children to another public or private school as long as it's not a religious school.

Movement aims to build tradition of walking pilgrimages in U.S.

San Diego-based Modern Catholic Pilgrim offers multi-day pilgrimages to young adults "who desire to challenge everyday life by stepping away from it to spend time in an active, prayerful presence," said the group's founder.

Donation called expression of U.S. Catholics’ affection for Paris cathedral

Through the national shrine in Washington, Americans have donated nearly $500,000 to aid in rebuilding the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which was damaged in a fire two years ago. Now, said the cathedral's rector, it is "Notre Dame of the World."

Dioceses prepare to welcome first Afghans starting new lives in U.S.

Migration and Refugee Services of the USCCB has been contracted by the State Department to resettle 7,500 Afghan civilians who worked for the U.S. government or NATO. More than 40 Catholic Charities organizations nationwide are working to resettle thousand of Afghans.

First responders, those who died on 9/11 remembered by lead U.S. bishop

Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, recalled the heroic deeds of public servants during the Sept. 11 attacks around the country on the eve of the 20th anniversary of those events.

Hidden costs: When for-profit chains buy Catholic hospitals

A workers' strike at a Massachusetts Catholic hospital after its takeover by a Texas-based health care corporation underscores the tension of Catholic hospitals' mission to provide for corporal works of mercy, and the owners' desire to turn a profit.

New global initiative seeks to ‘unlock’ Catechism of the Catholic Church

Because the catechism is "written to really change our relationship with Christ," the Real + True project is aimed at millennial and Generation Z audiences. It includes videos, social media content and a podcast, all meant to supplement existing evangelization and catechesis efforts.

After 9/11, how else could war money have been spent?

If the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill proposed by congressional Democrats appears costly, estimates for the total spent over 20 years in the global war on terror range between $8 trillion and $21 trillion. Observers say that money could have gone to at least six major domestic issues.

Texas bishops highlight state-funded program to help pregnant women

Alternatives to Abortion, which started in 2005, provides funds for pregnancy centers that offer counseling services to women in crisis pregnancies, and free diapers, formula, clothing, toys, books, car seats and more to new mothers in need.