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Catholic community across U.S. praying live, on YouTube

The number of Masses, Stations of the Cross, meditations and other devotions being livestreamed by dioceses, parishes and other groups around country continues to grow -- see a list.

Catholic health care committed to ‘loving care’ of COVID-19 patients

The head of the Catholic Health Association warned against hospitals making universal "do not resuscitate" orders for affected patients, which "undermine our duty to treat patients as unique individuals."

Cellphones can’t be used for sacraments, prelate advises

Administering the sacrament of reconciliation via cellphone is impermissible under church teaching, said a top U.S. bishop on matters of worship. Its use threatens the secrecy of confession.

Finding workarounds for virus restrictions, Catholic agencies keep on serving

Outreach has become "shoutreach" as Catholic social service agencies in the U.S. are getting creative to continue to meet people's needs even with near-universal bans on group gatherings.

Daily devotional booklets meet immediate, enduring need

Customer demand is driving long hours for employees of two publishers -- not that they are complaining -- who are shipping "Little Books" and "Living the Faith" for stay-at-home Catholics.

Pandemic fosters creativity as dioceses move through Lent into Holy Week

As Catholics dutifully sit at home, doing their part to protect people from COVID-19, the Holy Spirit has been inspiring creative ways to minister and pray together around the U.S.

Sisters’ work during 1918 flu seen as model for crisis today

Throughout the U.S., thousands of women religious put others before themselves and tended the sick and dying, especially in Philadelphia, as nurses and caretakers for affected families.

Brooklyn priest who died from COVID-19 called ‘great missionary among us’

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn March 28 announced the death of 49-year-old Father Jorge Ortiz-Garay, who is thought to be the first U.S. priest to die from COVID-19.

Leaders cheer $2 trillion in federal COVID-19 relief

Archbishop Paul Coakley, head of the U.S. bishops' social justice committee, welcomed the aid package that will help vulnerable people and workers as the economy has ground to a halt.

Investors urge corporations to act prudently as financial crisis looms

A growing coalition of investors said steps such as emergency paid leave to all employees, prioritizing safety and avoiding layoffs would protect workers in response to the coronavirus.