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Remains of Father Emil Kapaun, Korean War military chaplain, identified

A U.S. government forensic team confirmed the remains of the Kansas priest and Army chaplain who died in a prison camp. He was awarded the nation's highest honor posthumously and is a candidate for sainthood.

New Mexico abortion, assisted suicide bills called ‘gravely disappointing’

A bill requiring suicide be offered to hospice patients comes "as we struggle to dissuade our young people from taking their lives. With these bills, I wonder, what have we become?" said Santa Fe Archbishop John C. Wester.

Pandemic relief bill must pass without abortion funding, bishops say

The American Rescue Plan Congress is considering would pit the great need Americans have for economic relief against those who insist the bill must include abortion funding, said the leadership of the U.S. bishops.

First-person accounts illustrate CARA report on what inspires vocations

Respondents cited top factors in a vocation were getting to know a religious personally and the prayerful faith of family, while among the lowest were parish events to promote vocations.

New COVID-19 vaccine can be used in good conscience, bishop says

"There's no moral need to turn down a vaccine, including the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is morally acceptable to use," the head of the U.S. bishops' Committee on Doctrine said in a video.

Catholic health care officials aim to get COVID-19 vaccine to everyone

Health leaders are trying to reduce the hurdles of bias, language, technology and transportation highlighted by COVID now, so when the larger vaccine rollout begins, "we can have a strategy for addressing the disparities we know are coming."

Ahead of papal trip, prelates urge solidarity with pope and Iraq

Pope Francis' upcoming visit to Iraq offers Americans a time for prayer and to "remember the suffering people of Iraq," said two key U.S. bishops.

Regimen of prayer, asceticism, fraternity gets men’s attention

Who would volunteer for three months of cold showers, no alcohol, soda, dessert or televised sports? Tens of thousands of men, it turns out. Exodus 90 aims to bring men back to the foundations of their faith.

Bishops address concern over Johnson & Johnson vaccine’s abortion link

The U.S. bishops raised moral concerns over the vaccine using abortion-derived cell lines but said that "all clinically recommended vaccinations can be used with a clear conscience."

U.S. Chaldean Catholics hope pope’s Iraq trip brings peace

The 1,200 Chaldean Catholic families who live in Arizona, among about 500,000 in the U.S., will turn their hearts to the land of their birth when Pope Francis visits Iraq on March 5.