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Catholics urged to join in efforts needed to address racism, right wrongs

Following the Chauvin verdict, two U.S. bishops prayed God "strengthens us to cleanse our land of the evil of racism, which also manifests in ways that are hardly ever spoken, ways that never reach the headlines."

Catholic leaders see Chauvin verdict as a call for more action

Although Catholic leaders across the country called the April 20 jury verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial a moment of justice, they also stressed there is still a lot of work to do to move toward healing.

Former cop found guilty on all counts in death of George Floyd

A jury found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all three counts -- second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter -- April 20 for the death of Floyd May 25, 2020.

Research with fetal tissue from abortion called ‘deeply offensive’

The National Institutes of Health ended a Trump administration ban on the research. A key bishop called on the Biden administration to fund research "that does not rely upon body parts taken from innocent children killed through abortion."

Panel: Politicizing border issue overshadows serious plight of migrants

The message of a Georgetown University webinar on immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border: Don't believe everything you hear from politicians. The issues are more complex than they mention.

USCCB migration chairman urges Biden to raise cap on refugee admissions

A presidential spokesperson said the cap would be raised from the historically low 15,000 refugees to an unspecified number by May 15. Biden had promised to raise it to 62,500.

Advocates, editorials call on Biden to end federal death penalty

The death penalty has been getting attention across the country this year with legislation in several states aimed at limiting, repealing or even renewing capital punishment.

USCCB pro-life chairman calls HHS proposed rule on Title X ‘terrible policy’

The Biden administration proposes to rescind the Trump administration's enforcement of a provision that "draws a bright line between abortion and family planning," as a key bishop said.

For true healing, abuse survivors urge church to hear their stories

Survivors of sexual abuse are inviting the Catholic Church -- from parishioners to the bishops who lead dioceses -- to join them on their journey toward healing and reconciliation during April.

Court says Ohio can ban Down syndrome abortions

A federal appeals court, in a 9-7 decision, upheld an Ohio law that prohibits doctors from knowingly participating performing an abortion because of a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.