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Report identifies abuses of Native American children

Hundreds of boarding schools supported by the U.S. government for 150 years sought to forcefully assimilate tens of thousands of Indigenous children into white society, said an Interior Department report.

Minnesota Catholics view church’s role in Indian boarding schools

Among Native Americans, including Catholics, seeking information in order to understand the history of the boarding school era and its abuses is seen as the first step toward healing and justice.

Beatification near for founder of Society for the Propagation of the Faith

Two hundred years ago a young and rich French woman, Pauline Jaricot, founded the international association that aids Catholic missionary priests, brothers and nuns in mission areas. She will be beatified May 22.

Officials condemn violence after high court leak on abortion case

As the majority of Supreme Court justices seem set to overturn Roe v. Wade, the decision legalizing abortion, protests and vandalism showing discontent with the potential ruling seem to be on the rise.

Farmers, farmworkers alike risk poverty as agribusiness contracts

Consolidations of agriculture businesses have been built through decisions that exploit workers and disadvantage small farmers while maximizing profit for a select few, concludes a new report.

Academics consider fallout from leak on Roe decision

A number of legal observers said that regardless of why the draft opinion of the landmark abortion case was leaked, it's clear that bare-knuckled partisan politics are publicly in play in the Supreme Court.

St. Gianna’s daughter to open pilgrimage site in Illinois

Dr. Gianna Emanuela Molla plans to open an international center in Springfield to help spread knowledge of and devotion to her parents and promote marriage and family life.

Survey finds dropping percentages of new white U.S. priests

Among the findings of a survey of men to be ordained this year: most carried undergraduate student debt, and most were educated in parish religious education programs.

Relics of Blessed Carlo Acutis find home in Trenton Diocese

The Italian teenager -- the first of the millennial generation to be beatified by the Catholic Church in 2020 -- is the patron saint of young people in the New Jersey diocese.

Kentucky diocese to restore Communion under both species

Communion from the chalice, as well as on the tongue, will again be options in a western Kentucky diocese beginning on the feast of Corpus Christi, amid the national eucharistic revival.