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PPP loans to parishes not as large, or as many, as believed

Some news media overstated how many of the 17,000 parishes in the U.S. received Paycheck Protection funds and the amounts, instead characterizing it as "this evil church getting money from the federal government."

Colorado drive to end late-term abortion close to goal for signatures

Organizers of an initiative to prohibit abortion after 22 weeks said because support has been building in recent weeks they expected to get the 20,000 signatures needed by May 29 to put the measure on the November ballot.

China’s threats to Congress on pandemic won’t deter NJ Rep. Smith

China threatened to retaliate against U.S. politicians for their support of federal lawsuits over the COVID-19 pandemic. Congressman Chris Smith, a long-time China critic, is ready for a cyber attack -- again.

Pandemic may lead to changes in the way schools operate, say educators

Schools have had to adjust how they deliver education to students confined to their homes. Teachers, parents and students face a new reality in the fall as the teaching profession reinvents itself, say educators.

Pro-lifers say Planned Parenthood must return $80 million in federal funds

Critics contend that Payroll Protection Program funds meant for small businesses of up to 500 employees should not go to an organization that has 37 affiliates and 16,000 employees.

Extreme caution tops checklists for Catholic colleges to reopen in fall

Immense preparations are underway as the nation's 600 colleges and universities discuss how to reopen in the fall. About two-thirds intend to offer in-person classes, while others wait to decide.

St. John Paul II shrine’s events mark pope’s 100th birthday

The national shrine in Washington dedicated to the pontiff will celebrate the centennial of his birth with a series of virtual events May 16-22, including a talk by papal biographer George Weigel.

Fauci to Jesuit high school graduates: ‘We will get through this’

Dr. Anthony Fauci is used to talking about steps to contain the coronavirus, but in mid-May he spoke directly to graduates of the nation's 60 Jesuit high schools with words of encouragement and congratulations.

New aid bill would cut benefits to Catholic schools

Catholic leaders expressed deep reservations about a new $3 trillion House bill in response to the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which could rescind Catholic school funding in the previous CARES Act.

CRS unveils campaign to ease rising hunger due to pandemic

The new Catholic Relief Services effort Lead the Way aims to head off a brewing crisis in which 265 million people globally will be at risk of acute hunger because of the coronavirus pandemic.