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Success of religious education depends on parents, parish leaders say

Church officials are often frustrated because they see children attend religious education classes but don't attend Sunday Mass.

Parish views: From do-it-all pastors to 100 ministries to guide

In the latest story in our American Parish series, the shortage of priests is impacting parishioners, their pastors and community life as parishes combine and in some cases, thrive.

Although of many styles, Catholic schools face similar challenges

Pope Francis will visit a Catholic school in Harlem, New York. But he will get only a glimpse of the wide variety of Catholic education available in the U.S.

A totem pole and a papal encyclical symbolize opposition to coal trains

The papal encyclical on the environment was invoked during a Washington State protest against use of fossil fuels and a planned coal shipping plant on the coast.

Although of many styles, Catholic schools face similar challenges

Some Catholic schools are prosperous and flourish through parental involvement. Others struggle as even teachers and nuns wear many hats to keep the classrooms and the buildings operating.

From flush to floundering, parish finances run the gamut

The American Parish series looks at how parishes across the U.S., including one in New Jersey, handle collections, deficits and new initiatives to keep the parish going.

Across the U.S., parish life is changing

Pope Francis won't have time on his U.S. visit in September to stop at churches representing a cross-section of Catholic parishes. But he might read the American Parish series starting today, which over three years examined several parishes.

Voting Rights Act at 50: Difficult questions remain on who gets to vote

Current right-to-vote laws vary from state to state. They can be arbitrary, depending on voting history and geographical boundaries. Legislation pending in Congress may change that.

New Orleans Archdiocese: Forever changed by Hurricane Katrina

Swept away by a flood of biblical proportions on Aug. 29, 2005, New Orleans 10 years later -- in so many ways new, improved and utterly resilient -- is a resurrection city.

Little Sisters get reprieve as 2 courts rule on HHS mandate

Some church-run institutions lost their argument that they would be burdened by the process of opting out of providing contraceptive coverage to employees.