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Australian archbishop: New marriage law must include conscience clauses

After a majority of Australians indicated they favored same-sex marriage, Australia's bishops said legislators must ensure that any new law on marriage includes protection for religious freedom.

Longing for peace: Pope to preach dialogue in Bangladesh, Myanmar

While the ongoing crisis of Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar for Bangladesh will draw much attention during Pope Francis' visit to the two countries in late November, the pope also is expected to focus on interreligious dialogue, poverty and climate change.

‘Papal’ Lamborghini gift to be auctioned off for charity

The proceeds will fund three projects: the resettlement of Christians in Iraq's Ninevah Plain; support for women rescued from human trafficking and forced prostitution; and assistance to the suffering in Africa.

Cardinal Rai wraps historic visit to Saudi Arabia, meets Lebanese P.M.

The visit of the Lebanese patriarch of Maronite Catholics was the first for a prelate to the Muslim kingdom that bans other religions. He met with Lebanon's prime minister, Saad Hariri, who expects to return to his post.

British Catholic schools remove ‘mother,’ ‘father’ from admission forms

The Office of the Schools Adjudicator, which settles disputes on behalf of the government, upheld the objection of a parent who wished to enroll a child in Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School in London.

U.S. seminary in Rome to host World Day of Poor lunch guests

About 4,000 poor people are expected to join the pope for Mass in St. Peter's Basilica Nov. 19, which Pope Francis had designated as the World Day of the Poor.

Ghanaian bishops meet to discuss challenges to families

Families today live in complex situations, and Pope Francis "invites us to look at the reality of the family today in all its complexity, with both in its lights and shadows, in faithfulness to Christ's teaching," the pope's representative told Ghana's bishops.

Indigenous Canadians seek closure in cases of missing family members

An estimated 1,000 to 4,000 women and girls have been murdered or reported missing in Canada over the last 30 to 40 years. The inquiry is expected bring recommendations to the federal government to address the systemic causes of violence against indigenous women and girls in Canada.

Philippine church leaders urge Trudeau to take back toxic waste

The waste was shipped as part of a private business deal, but Canada might now be able to take it back.

Vatican releases pope’s schedule for visit to Chile, Peru

During his visit to Chile and Peru, Pope Francis will honor the country's religious roots and underline the plight of indigenous men and women.