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Laughter defeats temptation of self-importance, pope tells religious

A joyful self-awareness can help those in religious life to not "slack in the work of evangelization" and keep clear from a Messiah complex, the pope told priests, seminarians and men and women in consecrated life from various parts of Peru.

Congolese forces use violence to disperse church-led protests

UPDATED - Congo's bishops condemned the "excessive and disproportionate use of force" by security forces that dispersed protesters demanding President Joseph Kabila hold fresh elections in line with a church-brokered accord.

‘Machisimo’ culture blinds women’s leading role in society, pope says

Pope Francis said it was sad to see how "in this land, which is under the protection of the Mother of God, so many women are devalued, denigrated and exposed to endless violence."

In Peru, Pope Francis likely to return to themes addressed in Chile

During his visit, he will meet with Amazonian indigenous people from three countries, visit a neighborhood devastated by flooding early last year, and pray in the place of Peru's greatest popular religious devotion.

Hero’s homecoming: Vatican prepares to transfer exiled cardinal’s remains

In his last will and testament, a cardinal exiled to Rome, who survived the Nazis' Dachau prison camp and 17 years of communist persecution, requested to be allowed back home to Czechoslovakia for burial.

At final Mass in Chile, pope says cry of migrants is prayer to God

Christians must be aware of the injustices and exploitation suffered by migrants and those seeking a better life for themselves and their families, Pope Francis said.

True believers want peace for Jerusalem, pope tells imam

UPDATED - Christians, Muslims and Jews who are sincere about their faith must be committed to protecting the special character of Jerusalem and to praying and working for peace in the Holy Land, Pope Francis wrote in a letter to the grand imam of Egypt's al-Azhar University.

Pope marries couple on flight during Chilean trip

Love was literally in the air as Pope Francis performed an impromptu wedding ceremony at 36,000 feet aboard his flight in Chile.

Pope challenges Chilean youth to ask, ‘What would Christ do?’

"When you go dancing, when you are playing or watching sports: 'What would Christ do in my place?' He is the password, the power source that charges our hearts, ignites our faith and makes our eyes sparkle."

Listening to young Palestinians, Israelis, bishops hear range of feelings

Bishops from three continents said their Jan. 17 meeting with students from the Bethlehem University nursing department satellite campus gave them a sense of hope.