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Young migrants bring vitality, need support, synod members say

Helping young migrants hold fast to their cultural and religious identity, especially in situations where they are a minority, was a recurring topic at the Synod of Bishops.

Indifference, hatred is the first step to murder, pope says

Hurling insults and being indifferent to other people's lives is the first step along the winding path that leads to killing them, at least figuratively, Pope Francis said.

Ethnic minority army expels 8 priests, nuns, teachers from Myanmar

Catholic clergy and laypeople have been expelled from Myanmar's northern Shan state by a China-backed ethnic minority army.

Latin American bishops say young want a sincere, welcoming church

Bishops from Chile and Puerto Rico told the Synod of Bishops that the church must do more to help young people live out their faith and involve them in the life of the church rather than leaving them to find guidance elsewhere.

‘Watering down’ church teaching won’t attract young people, cardinal says

Just because some young people disagree with Catholic moral teaching, including in the area of sexuality, does not mean the church's teachings are unclear or should change, Cardinal Robert Sarah told the Synod of Bishops.

Synod groups focus on need for qualified accompaniment

The second week of discussions centered on discernment, vocations and accompaniment, and the 14 working groups, which are divided by language, each came up with a number of suggestions, critiques and recommendations for the synod's final document.

Lack of progress fighting hunger is shameful, pope says

At a time of technological and scientific progress, "we ought to feel shame" for not having advanced in "humanity and solidarity" enough to feed the world's poor, Pope Francis said.

Indian court grants bail, with limits, to bishop accused of raping nun

The Kerala High Court granted bail Oct. 15 on condition that the bishop, based in northern Jalandhar City, should not enter Kerala state other than to report once a fortnight to investigating police.

Superiors general see no reason why women shouldn’t have vote at synod

UPDATED - Although bishops should make up the majority of voting members at a Synod of Bishops, the fact that the body is only consultative means women should be included as full members just as priests and religious brothers are, said three priests who are voting members.

L’Arche founder Jean Vanier receives spiritual solidarity award

Jean Vanier, founder of L'Arche, is the recipient of the Spiritual Solidarity Award from Adyan, a foundation for interreligious studies and spiritual solidarity based in Lebanon.