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Zambian bishops say people live in fear as police brutality increases

"Anyone who criticizes the government for wrongdoing is sure to have the police unleashed on him or her," the statement said.

Pope to Egyptians: Let papal visit be sign of friendship, peace

Praying that God would protect Egypt from all evil, Pope Francis told the nation's people that a world torn apart by indiscriminate violence needs courageous builders of peace, dialogue and justice.

Pope makes donation to handicapped-accessible beach project

In an April 25 statement, a charitable association expressed their "enthusiasm and astonishment" upon receiving a contribution made in the pope's name by Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, the papal almoner.

Humility needed to avoid preaching watered-down Gospel, pope says

The only way to give an authentic witness of Christ's death and resurrection is by sharing the Gospel with humility, Pope Francis said.

Court rules Saskatchewan cannot fund non-Catholics in Catholic schools

A judgment in a 12-year-old court case has sent shock waves through Saskatchewan's Catholic education community and left Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen "disheartened."

French bishops offer divided voters guidelines on presidential runoff

On April 23, Emmanuel Macron, founder of En Marche!, a center-left political movement, and Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front, won the first round. They will face off May 7, when voters will choose who will be president for the next five years.

Spokesman: Tight security is ‘new normal’ as pope heads to Egypt

Despite the ongoing risk of terrorism, Pope Francis planned to travel to Egypt as a sign of being close to the people there, said Greg Burke, Vatican spokesman.

Mercy opens the door to understanding the mystery of God, pope says

Mercy is a true form of knowledge that allows men and women to understand the mystery of God's love for humanity, Pope Francis said.

Faith leads to freedom, not compromise, pope says at morning Mass

Christian faith is belief in the concrete work of God and leads to concrete witness and action by believers, Pope Francis said.

Buddhists, Christians must help promote nonviolence, cardinal says

"Jesus Christ and the Buddha were promotors of nonviolence as well as peacemakers," Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran said in a message marking the Buddhist celebration of Vesakh.