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Father of Alfie Evans meets pope, begs for help to save his son

Evans met Pope Francis and pleaded for "asylum" for his son in Italy so he may receive care and not be euthanized in England.

Iceland’s Catholic leaders condemn circumcision law as anti-Semitic

The Catholic Church in Iceland is speaking out against a popular proposed law that could land Jewish and Muslim parents in prison for up to six years for circumcising their infant boys.

Scottish bishop criticizes BBC film for mockery of Eucharist

The video, produced by BBC Scotland, seeks to show how people who experience same-sex attraction continue to be made to feel outcast and ostracized in 2018.

Philippines to deport Australian nun, 71, who advocated for farmers

Although the prosecutor in charge "found no probable cause" for her arrest and ordered the nun's "release for further investigation," immigration officials insisted on the nun's detention.

Church supports move to legalize sodomy in Trinidad and Tobago

In an April 13 statement, Archbishop Charles Gordon of Port-of-Spain said, "Buggery is a serious moral offense, but it should not put someone in prison for 25 years."

Violent extremists tarnish image of their own faith, cardinal says

Religious leaders "have a duty to keep religions from being at the service of an ideology" and to know how "to recognize that some of our fellow believers, like the terrorists, are not behaving properly,"

CNEWA trustees meet Lebanese, refugees who benefit from their projects

Cardinal Dolan led a delegation from Catholic Near East Welfare Association. The group visited health care facilities across the Lebanese capital April 16.

Christian pilgrims to Holy Land get tattoos to mark their pilgrimages

The Razzouk family has been tattooing Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land for 500 years, and 200 years before that in Egypt.

Retired pope celebrates 91st birthday

Retired Pope Benedict XVI had a "peaceful and familial" 91st birthday April 16, celebrating with his 94-year-old brother, Msgr. Georg Ratzinger.

Catholic leaders: Winnie Mandela was a friend to South Africa’s poor

Often called the "Mother of the Nation" and "Mama Winnie," the ex-wife of the late South African President Nelson Mandela "mothered everybody," said Bishop Victor Phalana of Klerksdorp.