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U.S. officials return stolen Columbus letter back to Vatican Library

The rare 15th century document describing the riches of the New World had been secretly replaced with a forgery, while the true document ended up in the hands of a U.S. collector from Atlanta.

Migration is about people, not numbers, pope says

Migrants seeking a better life in other countries must not be viewed with suspicion but rather defended and protected, no matter their status, Pope Francis said.

Q and A with Bangladeshi human rights activist on clergy sexual abuse

Bangladeshi human rights activist Rosaline Costa says reports of clergymen abusing women and children have been around Christendom for years.

Mexico’s leading presidential candidate embraces many religions

The candidate's religiosity -- of which the moral constitution proposed in February is just one example -- is in the spotlight, evening if understanding it is hampered by Lopez Obrador's deliberate ambiguity.

Bishops of El Salvador warn against law privatizing water

The Catholic leaders of the Central American country "are witnesses to the outcry of our people, who ask for potable water" and who cannot afford to pay the cost of water that is subject to market forces.

Council of Cardinals finalizes draft of new document on Roman Curia

Pope Francis will review a finalized draft of the apostolic constitution that would govern the Roman Curia, the Vatican spokesman said.

Vatican team returns to Chile to ‘ask forgiveness’ for clergy sex abuse

UPDATED - Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta said his mission to the country is a sign of Pope Francis' closeness to the local church following devastating reports of sexual abuse and cover-ups by members of the clergy.

Pope launches appeal that World Cup in Russia helps promote peace

As 32 nations get ready to vie for the World Cup in Russia, Pope Francis greeted players, organizers and soccer fans who will be following "this event that overcomes all borders."

Biggest danger in life is fear, settling for less, pope says

The biggest dangers are being unwilling to find a way to adapt, mediocrity by settling for the status quo, and fear, he said at his general audience in St. Peter's Square June 13.

Interfaith leaders in Trinidad express unity on traditional marriage

Claiming to jointly represent almost 90 percent of Trinidad and Tobago's population, in a June 11 news conference they also stated their intent to make two proposals to the Trinidad and Tobago government.