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Diaspora and disease: Pope will face pressing issues on next trip abroad

Pope Francis' upcoming trip to Hungary and Slovakia could prove to be among his most challenging. Those attending events "will have to be vaccinated, which is unacceptable to many," said a Jesuit priest.

Vatican suppresses Italy-based community founded by married couple

A four-year study of the Regina Pacis Community found "institutional weaknesses, especially in governance" as well as difficulties in relations between members.

Pakistan province demolishes Catholic church, despite protests

A church serving more than 300 Christian families in Pakistan's commercial capital of Karachi was demolished Aug. 24, along with thousands of homes, to mitigate flooding of nearby streams.

Pope invites people to rediscover importance of Sunday liturgy

Pope Francis is encouraging new courses of action for parishes to help people understand the importance of Sunday Mass, a top Vatican official wrote, adding that in Italy the pandemic's restrictions on Masses were "an alarming indication of the advanced stage of an epochal change."

Pope accepts resignation of outspoken Spanish bishop

Bishop Xavier Novell Gomà, 52 and one of Spain's youngest bishops, offered his resignation and Pope Francis accepted. The bishop had backed independence for Spain's Catalan region, in opposition to a key Spanish cardinal.

Vatican orders Polish archbishop to life of prayer, penance

Public sanctions and a financial penalty on Archbishop Marian Golebiewski, 83, came after a Vatican investigation looked into negligence in handling allegations of abuse against minors by priests under his authority in two dioceses over 17 years.

British Museum exhibit on St. Thomas Becket gives sympathetic look at past

On the 850th anniversary of the saint's martyrdom, record crowds in London are seeing the exhibition's warm evocation of the country's Catholic past and reconstruction of the centrality of faith. "The anti-Catholicism long embedded here is dissipating now," said a historian.

Aid group plans for humanitarian crisis at Afghanistan border

Caritas Pakistan has alerted its diocesan units bordering neighboring Afghanistan to help refugees fleeing the Taliban's takeover of the country. Thousands of Afghans have entered Pakistan via a key trade route, according to media reports.

Two nuns killed, seven survive attack in South Sudan

A bus carrying nine sisters returning from a parish celebration was ambushed on a highway. They hid but were found and two were shot. The country's president blamed armed factions that have not signed a 2018 peace agreement.

Vaccination is an act of love, pope says in ad campaign

"We are extremely grateful to (Pope Francis) and the cardinals and archbishops for lending their voices and platforms to help people across the globe feel more confident in the vaccines," particularly to the world's 1.3 billion Catholics, said the head of the Ad Council.