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Overcoming Christian divisions would give world hope, pope tells patriarch

Pope Francis included in his letter condolences over the Nov. 13 Istanbul bombing that killed six people and wounded more than 80 on a busy street lined with shops and restaurants.

Regional representatives meet pope, discuss ‘continental phase’ of synod

As final plans are made for the continental phase leading to the Synod of Bishops 2023-24, the bishops and coordinators responsible for the regional meetings met at the Vatican Nov. 28-29.

Vatican offers guidelines for investing in a way consistent with faith

To help Catholic institutions and individuals invest in a way consistent with the values of their faith, the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences published a document, "Mensuram Bonam" (For Good Measure) Nov. 25.

‘Situation is tragic,’ says bishop whose diocese includes Kherson, Ukraine

The Latin-rite bishop whose diocese includes Kherson, Ukraine, accused Russian forces of "cruel and bestial behavior" in the recaptured port and warned his country would not negotiate with Moscow until all occupied territory is regained.

Forest rangers, local towns stop planned cut of Christmas tree for Vatican

Forest service rangers arrived at the scene -- a mountain grove in central Italy's Monte Castel Barone -- Nov. 14 to alert workers to halt preparations for felling the tree.

Religious leaders seek consensus-based approach for decisions on climate

At the U.N. climate conference, COP27, religious leaders are meeting various delegations of civil society groups, climate activists, experts and other faith-based organizations to deliberate on how to achieve climate neutrality -- net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Present diversity of voices while preserving unity, pope tells communicators

Communication must bring people closer, give voice to the voiceless, put the spotlight on what gets ignored and show that it is possible to have a diversity of views rooted in the truth, Pope Francis said.

Live the Gospel by treating others as a brother or sister, pope says

Treating everyone as a brother or sister is the clearest, most simple way to live the Gospel each day, Pope Francis said.

Love the Lord by loving the poor, pope says at Mass

Loved by God, "let us love his most discarded children. The Lord is there," the pope said Nov. 13, celebrating Mass for the World Day of the Poor.

Catholic groups worry world leaders all talk, no action at COP27

Catholic groups at the U.N. climate conference said they were disappointed that, in the meeting's opening days, few world leaders demonstrated progress in implementing their climate commitments or financial support for countries bearing the brunt of climate change.