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Banned Polish cardinal unconscious in hospital

Cardinal Henryk Gulbinowicz, 97, had been barred by the Vatican Nov. 6 from all public appearances and ordered to compensate his alleged victims of sexual abuse. His was one of a string of investigations in the Polish church.

Victims in McCarrick report show fear, courage, anger, need for action

The Vatican's report on Theodore McCarrick shows how witnesses and victims of the former cardinal's abuse tried to alert church officials. "If I had been listened to," said one, "things might have been different."

At audience, pope renews commitment to fight abuse

After the Vatican released its extensive report on Theodore McCarrick, Pope Francis said, "I renew my closeness to all victims of every form of abuse and the church's commitment to eradicate this evil."

Vatican report reveals omissions in Archbishop Vigano’s ‘testimony’

The Vatican's report on defrocked former Cardinal McCarrick states that Vigano, former nuncio to the U.S. from 2011 to 2016, did not investigate McCarrick when ordered to do so by the Vatican in 2012, despite his call in 2018 for Pope Francis to resign over the matter.

Pope Francis, retired Pope Benedict questioned for McCarrick report

In an unusual move, both popes subjected themselves to questioning by Vatican investigators charged with compiling a report on how church decisions were made regarding the career and ultimate expulsion of Theodore McCarrick.

Fighting abuse: What Pope Francis has done during his pontificate

In more than seven years as leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has issued numerous new laws and guidelines for handling accusations of clerical sexual abuse and its cover-up by church officials, as well as abuse of power by those in authority.

McCarrick report documents repeated lack of serious investigation

Although dogged for years by rumors of sexual impropriety, defrocked Cardinal Theodore McCarrick rose in the Catholic hierarchy because of his personal contacts, protestations of his innocence and a lack of church officials' diligence, according to a long-anticipated Vatican report.

Pope meets with missionary priest freed after two-year captivity

Father Pierluigi Maccalli, a member of the Society of African Missions, was speechless Nov. 9 when Pope Francis told him, "We supported you, but you supported the church."

Eta deluges Central America leaving scores dead, thousands homeless

The hurricane flooded Nicaragua and Guatemala before causing devastating mudslides in Mexico. Pope Francis prayed for those suffering from the damage "aggravated by an already difficult situation due to the pandemic."

Pope expedites oversight of Vatican secretariat’s financial assets

After the Secretariat of State missed a Nov. 1 deadline to hand over management of its holdings to two Vatican bodies, Pope Francis moved to make the transfer happen "immediately."