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Indian Christians arrested during protest outside New Delhi cathedral

BANGALORE, India (CNS) -- Church leaders criticized police manhandling of Christians who gathered Feb. 5 at the gate of Sacred Heart Cathedral to protest five attacks on churches in the past two months.

Canada’s Supreme Court strikes down physician-assisted suicide ban

The court decided the prohibition against suicide assisted by doctors for mentally competent but suffering and "irremediable" patients was not in accord with "fundamental justice."

Catholic, Orthodox leaders urge ‘unity against aggression’ in Ukraine

Catholic and Orthodox archbishops in Ukraine appealed for national unity against pro-Russia separatists as calls mounted for the United States to help arm Ukrainian forces.

Join a live video stream with Pope Francis

Watch the pope now on YouTube as he speaks in a Google hangout with children.

Make preventing sexual abuse, caring for victims top priority, pope tells church

The leaders of the world's bishops' conferences and religious orders must ensure they are doing everything possible to protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse, Pope Francis said.

In letter to Arizona teens, pope encourages them in work with migrants

Pope Francis told the Kino Teens that their letters to him touched his heart not only "because of the drama they describe, but also for the hope they manifest."

Pope praises fathers who stay with their kids through everything

The most important task for fathers is being present, first by being by his wife's side in "joy and pain, hard work and hope" and by being there for his children as they grow, Pope Francis told 7,000 people.

Mexican bishops: Catholics must change views on migrants

Bishops from Mexico's southernmost dioceses called for Catholics to stop acting indifferently toward the difficulties faced by undocumented migrants, who continue abandoning Central America to reach the United States.

Jordan’s Christian churches condemn pilot’s murder, offer prayers

Special Masses and prayers were planned as churches sent condolences to the Muslim family and tribe of First Lt. Muath al-Kasasbeh, the Jordanian pilot murdered by Islamic State militants.

Pope condemns ‘scandal’ of Christians killing Christians in Ukraine

After violence intensified in Ukraine recently, Pope Francis called for the U.N. and both sides to resume talks and asked people to pray "because prayer is our protest before God in wartime."