West Catholic High School begins its first annual Pro-Life Week starting Monday, Jan. 27. The aim of the week is to help students identify what it means to be pro-life; expose them to pro-life topics such as abortion, violence, chastity and self-respect; and have students determine the value of being pro-life in society.

The schedule of activities follows:

Monday, Jan. 27: Teachers in individual theology classes will introduce an over view of what it means to be pro-life.

Tuesday, Jan. 28: Speakers from Life Training Institute will speak to students in the theology classes on self-respect as being pro-life. Life Training provides speakers through a grant.


Wednesday, Jan. 29: Speakers from Generation Life will speak at a morning assembly on chastity and pro-Life, as well as in all theology classes.

Thursday, Jan. 30: “Canvas of lost dreams” presentation, with the theme of “violence and pro-life,” will feature a mural in the school gym dedicated to all young people in Philadelphia who have been killed due to violence.

Friday, Jan. 31: The retreat for juniors will focus on using one’s God-given gifts.