Mercy Vocational High School in Philadelphia, part of a new national initiative by Fair Trade Campaigns to engage K-12 students in issues of global poverty, is proud to announce its official designation as a fair trade school.

The school is the only co-ed Catholic vocational school in the United States.

With a growing movement in the U.S. and following the lead of the more than 500 fair trade schools in the United Kingdom, schools such as Mercy Vocational empower students, teachers and staff to drive demand for fair trade products in institutional purchasing.


Fair trade is an economic system that ensures consumers the products they buy were grown, harvested, crafted and traded in ways that improve lives and protect the environment. Fair Trade Campaigns officially recognizes schools in the U.S. committed to educating students about fair trade in the classroom and through events, as well as offering fair trade products like coffee, tea and bananas in the cafeteria, offices and other school outlets.

There are now over 170 active Fair Trade Campaigns across the country, 74 towns, 87 colleges and universities, as well as 10 schools including Mercy Vocational that participated in the pilot phase of the Fair Trade Schools program.