The word sacrifice literally means to “make the world a holy place,” and as followers of Christ, we remake the world in the image of our Savior, who made the ultimate sacrifice. Fasting and other sacrifices can aid us in our Lenten journey from self-denial to transformation in Jesus. See our package of stories on sacrifice from our partner, Catholic News Service:

This Lent try a new sacrifice — adopt an attitude of gratitude
Reframing our approach to life through gratitude can help us better appreciate family and parishioners. Lenten activities that draw us together can bring profound blessings beyond the finite days of Lent.

Know the history and the reasons for Lenten fasting
In the early church, Christians treated Wednesday and Saturday as fast days, as well as before major feast days like Easter. Giving to the poor during Lent developed as an effective sacrifice and form of self-denial.

Embrace sacrifice, but don’t forget service and surrender
There are three ways we can embrace sacrifice this Lent: ask how much do we need to be happy; look to the needs of those less fortunate; and practice the faith we profess by reconciling with Christ.