Each year, many Catholic universities, colleges, high schools, parishes and dioceses embark on mission trips, or service trips. Learn more about the summertime phenomenon of hitting the road in service to others in this package of stories from our partner Catholic News Service.

The life-changing impact of mission trips
Usually, mission trips have a specific project in mind. But the actual work accomplished takes a back seat to the emphasis on building community. It’s not “us” helping “them” but a mutual exchange that leads to solidarity.

Volunteer, and find your mission in real life
Although many volunteer programs for short- or long-term missions are geared to young adults, others seek older adults with professional skills and longer life experience. Some accept entire families.

Every Christian is a missionary
Because we have experienced “the power of the Father’s infinite mercy,” all Christians, by virtue of baptism, are called to go out on missionary journeys to proclaim the Gospel and “use words when necessary.”