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Spend time with prayers of the Mass, outside of Mass

Dig out an old missal or get a new one, and pray the Sunday Mass all week long.

Young woman’s disability makes her perfect volunteer to cheer the elderly

Residents are happy when Alexa Bucci, a volunteer at South Philadelphia’s St. Monica Manor, stops in to see them. She’s warm and friendly, always there with a smile and always wanting to do something for them. “I love it there; when you go in if you are in a bad mood they pick you up,” […]

Marriage is more than just a bride and groom’s special day

A wedding day is more than the bride and groom’s day. For the Catholic Church, it is “our day” and we are grateful that through your marriage, you offer us a taste of the love God has for all.

Reflecting on baptism as if coming into the Church now

What evidence could we show to others, and to God, that we are listening to God's word, walking in His presence, sharing with our brothers and sisters and joining them in prayer?

Life to the fullest

Over four years ago – Aug. 26, 2008 — Melissa Coleman had to undergo an extremely critical operation at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP), a kidney transplant. Just as the anesthesiologist started counting, she experienced a panic attack. Desperately, she turned to prayer, but her mind went blank. “Bless us O Lord, […]

Fun isn’t just for kids

Elderly residents of a Catholic nursing home take a stimulating trip to the Please Touch Museum, and get in touch with life’s simple joys.

Lent’s penance: A time for show tunes

It’s Lent, so in this season of penance I have a confession: I don’t like show tunes. Hate is a strong word so I won’t use it to describe how I feel about those songs from Broadway musicals that I … dislike. And with that, God chuckles.

What we really mean by calling Jesus as our brother

In his continuing examination of the Creed, St. Charles Seminary professor Msgr. Magee focuses on the Word of God as not a mere idea, but a person – Jesus Christ.


Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Postures of prayer: This year, try a new way to pray

Experiment with posture in your private prayer. Try an unfamiliar position, and see what happens. Stretch your prayer life, even if it feels uncomfortable. Our souls are strengthened in this exercise of our bodies.