Amazon Synod

Synod to be surrounded by events offering prayer, criticism, support

Before members of the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon began packing their bags for the synod assembly at the Vatican Oct. 6-27, a variety of groups were announcing side events.

Archbishop: Synod should make Canadians consider their roles in Amazon

Many of the themes for the upcoming Synod of Bishops for the Amazon relate directly to Canada in terms of respecting the natural environment and native cultures, forging new relationships founded on dignity and respect and bringing the sacraments to remote regions.

Church must seek new paths in Amazon, synod secretaries say

The Synod of Bishops for the Amazon will help the Catholic Church make its presence felt and voice heard in a region that is dangerously approaching "a point of no return," said the special secretaries of the synod.

Learn about the richness, challenges of Amazon region

Learn about the sprawling and complex region that will be the focus of the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon Oct. 6-27 in Rome, through this special section by's partner, Catholic News Service.

In interview, pope outlines Amazon synod, warns against nationalism

The upcoming Synod of Bishops is an "urgent" gathering to focus on evangelization, Pope Francis said. He also pointed to serious threats to the environment and the rising danger of isolationism.

Pope appoints three cardinals to help lead synod on Amazon

Though Pope Francis, as pontiff, is president of the synod, the three cardinals will take turns presiding over the synod's daily sessions.

Amazon wildfires point to urgency of upcoming church synod

The devastation from the fires "shows that the pope is right -- this is an emergency for humanity and for the church," said a Bolivian bishop. He pointed to government policies that encourage farmers to clear more forest for cattle ranching.

Synod document raises possibility of married priests, roles for women

The Catholic Church must reach indigenous Catholics deprived of the sacraments in the remote Amazon rainforest, and that may include ordaining married elders, said the agenda for the Synod of Bishops in October.

South America’s Amazon: Culturally diverse, globally important

When more than 100 bishops meet at the Vatican for a synod in October they will discuss the church's ministry in a politically, culturally and ecologically complex region five times the size of Alaska.

In Amazon’s cities, indigenous people are often invisible

While some multiethnic neighborhoods lack basics such as potable water, trash collection and sewage treatment, people are proud of their communities in cities that often are hostile to the indigenous.