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Christian leaders call for end to ‘profound evil’ of the death penalty

"Torture and execution is always a profound evil, made even more abhorrent when sanctioned by the government in the name of justice when other means of protecting society are available," said the statement released March 31.

Faith leaders call on U.S. to halt ‘inhumane’ family detention policy

Five Catholic and Evangelical Lutheran bishops traveled to the Dilley Detention Center in south Texas March 27 and visited with families -- young mothers with children from Central America -- who are being detained there.

Speakers propose ways to foster solidarity, fight ‘global indifference’

The causes of what Pope Francis has called the "globalization of indifference" are numerous: material prosperity that leads people to be unaware of the suffering around them, selfishness that causes people to ignore those in need, or a sense of hopelessness that paralyzes action.

Varied paths bring people into Catholic Church at Easter Vigil

Who was Jesus? How were we made by God? These are good questions that anyone considering becoming Catholic might ask. Thousands in the U.S. , including 650 in the Philadelphia Archdiocese, will do so this weekend.

Pence stands by Indiana law; critics say it discriminates against gays

Since Pence signed it March 26, critics across the state and around the nation have raised concerns that the Indiana law could be a vehicle of legal discrimination against gay people and others.

Senate confirms nomination of Boston priest as Army chief of chaplains

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Father Paul K. Hurley, a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston and a military chaplain for about 15 years, was confirmed March 27 as the U.S. Army chief of chaplains in a voice vote by the U.S. Senate. With the appointment comes a promotion in rank from colonel to major general. Father […]

Bishop: Marriage sacrament allows man and woman to carry out God’s will

Citing biblical passages on marriage and the relationship between a man and a woman as well as church documents that uphold long-standing principles, Bishop Kagan outlined the Catholic Church's teaching on marriage and its importance in society.

Cardinal George back in hospital for hydration issues, pain management

In a brief statement March 28, Burritt said the cardinal had requested the update about his health be released. "He asks for and is grateful for your continued prayers," she added.

Life and death justice issues face court, draw faith leaders’ voices

In separate cases the Supreme Court will hear March 30, April 29 and next fall, the justices will consider persistently unsettled angles on criminal sentencing, including death sentences for people with mental disabilities and life sentences for juveniles.

Students at Pennsylvania Catholic school share journey to enter church

Tears of longing fill Jessica Bassili's eyes as she sits in a pew during Mass at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Lebanon. The parishioners around her are lined up to receive holy Communion, and Jessica can only sit and pray. And wait until she can join them.