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Cardinal Cupich: Pope’s view of faith calls for changing underlying ideas

"'Amoris' is nothing short of the Holy Father's call to action, in which he summons church leaders, both lay and clergy, to enter into a serious dialogue about how best to minister to couples and families in a way that is faithful, honest and creative," the cardinal said.

People must see ways they tolerate human trafficking, pope says

Pope Francis met with an international group of law enforcement and church workers studying how communities encourage trafficking, particularly prostitution. A British cardinal said 42 million people are in slavery today.

British lawyer says no buffer zones needed around abortion clinics

A prominent Catholic lawyer has expressed concern that local governments are considering exclusion zones around abortion clinics, with no proof anyone is harassing pregnant women.

Superpope to the rescue: T-shirt raises money for papal charity

Though not as fast as a speeding bullet, "Superpope" will fly across the world, gathering autographs of sports stars and eventually being auctioned off to raise money for the pope's charity.

Pope sends condolences to Taiwan after earthquakes

Pope Francis expressed his solidarity with the people of Taiwan after two high-magnitude earthquakes devastated the island nation Feb. 6 and 7, killing at least nine people and injuring hundreds more.

South Sudan bishop wins Roosevelt freedom award for his peace village

In May Bishop Paride Taban, retired bishop of Torit, South Sudan, will receive the Freedom of Worship Award, one of the Four Freedoms Awards presented every other year by the Roosevelt Foundation in Middelburg, Netherlands.

German cardinal urges pastoral care, but not ‘blessing’ of gay couples

The president of the German bishops' conference urged priests to provide better pastoral care to Catholics who are homosexual, but he said, "I think that would not be right" when asked if he could imagine the Catholic Church blessing gay couples.

Two ex-managers of Vatican bank ordered to pay damages for mismanagement

The sentence did not specify the amount it is seeking in damages, but the Italian news agency ANSA said the damages the bank incurred totaled about 47 million euro (about $58 million).

Pope says unified Korean team at Olympics offers hope for peace

The presence of a unified delegation and team for North and South Korea at this year's Olympic Games gives people hope for a world dedicated to peace through dialogue and respect, Pope Francis said.

Pope asks people to work together to end human trafficking

Pope Francis called for prayers to end the "shameful scourge" of human trafficking.