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The Holy Spirit changes hearts, pope says on Pentecost

Christians should begin each day invoking the Holy Spirit, praying that the Spirit will lead them and the church closer to God and closer to any person in need, Pope Francis said on Pentecost.

Pope to canonize Blesseds Paul VI, Oscar Romero in Rome Oct. 14

The date was announced May 19 during an "ordinary public consistory," a meeting of the pope, cardinals and promoters of sainthood causes that formally ends the sainthood process.

Pope will create 14 new cardinals in June

Under Pope Francis, the idea that some church posts and large archdioceses always are led by a cardinal is fading. Traditional cardinal sees like Baltimore and Philadelphia were not included in the new list of cardinals from 11 countries.

Malaysian bishops say country can set new course after election

The ousting of the corruption-tainted government of Najib Razak spelled the end of a six-decade ruling coalition dominated by the United National Malays Organization.

Holy Land needs peace with justice, dialogue, Vatican official tells U.N.

Mourning the deaths of protesters in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, the Vatican's observer at U.N. agencies in Geneva urged people on both sides to let "wisdom and prudence prevail."

Christians, Muslims need to cooperate, not compete, cardinal says

A competitive attitude between Christians and Muslims fosters the belief that religions are a source of tension and violence, not peace, said Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran.

All of Chile’s bishops offer resignations after meeting pope on abuse

After Pope Francis read to the country's 34 bishops his assessment of "unacceptable abuses of power, of conscience and sexual abuse," the bishops handed in their resignations, which have not been accepted.

Pope calls on Chilean bishops to restore justice, care for abused

The bishops met at the Vatican May 15-17 to discuss with Pope Francis their handling of clerical sex abuse allegations.

Not just what you see: Some issues behind the Israel-Palestinian violence

UPDATED - While neither Israel nor the Palestinian political movement Hamas is interested in starting a war at the moment, both are interested in delivering strong messages to the other side on various issues being negotiated through backdoor channels.

Hollywood meets Holy See: Making movies at the Vatican

Created by Pope Francis in June 2015 as a means of unifying the Vatican's communications offices, the Secretariat for Communication fields all requests from film producers for access to Vatican property and the pope.