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Coptic Orthodox condemn killings of Egyptians in Libya

CAIRO (CNS) -- The Coptic Orthodox Church has condemned the killing of seven Egyptian Christians in neighboring Libya. "We demand the arrest of the terrorist elements behind this painful attack," the church said in a statement Feb. 25.

Ukrainian archbishop sees lingering threat of war, but signs of hope

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The three months of protests in Ukraine that ended with government snipers killing dozens of people strengthened the commitment to democracy of many Ukrainians, but also left the country vulnerable to further violence and division, said the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Venezuela’s Catholic leaders urge dialogue, respect for demonstrators

LIMA, Peru (CNS) -- As protests in Venezuela continued, with flare-ups of violence, the country's Catholic leaders urged dialogue and respect for the demonstrators' human rights.

Victims of war, conflict deserve mourning, not indifference, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis urged people to overcome indifference and to mourn for the innumerable victims of war and conflict around the world. He also condemned those who profit from the manufacturing of weapons and "live large," lounging in their "parlors" while children in refugee camps starve.

Pope establishes panel, with lay members, to oversee Vatican finances

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- In a move reflecting both his drive to reform the Vatican bureaucracy and his oft-stated desire to include laypeople in the leadership of the church, Pope Francis established a new panel, to include almost as many lay members as clerics, to oversee the finances of the Holy See and Vatican City State.

Bishops in southern Congo denounce increasing violence, child soldiers

LUBUMBASHI, Congo (CNS) -- Bishops in southern Congo have denounced growing separatist violence in Katanga province and criticized the national government for ignoring it. "Besides grave violations of human rights, socio-political insecurity is disrupting our province's economic fabric and amplifying our people's misery," said bishops from the eight dioceses in the ecclesiastical province of Lubumbashi.

Pope Francis, with retired Pope Benedict present, creates new cardinals

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- On a feast day commemorating the authority Jesus gave to St. Peter and his successors -- the popes -- Pope Francis created 19 new cardinals in the presence of retired Pope Benedict XVI.

Felt hats, head wraps, red robes: Cardinals represent worldwide church

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The tasseled felt hats of German horse riders and the brightly colored head wraps of women from the Antilles were just a few signs of the Catholic Church's universality on display Feb. 22, as pilgrims celebrated the creation of new cardinals.

Pope tells cardinals they are servants, not courtiers

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Celebrating Mass with the newest members of the College of the Cardinals one day after their elevation, Pope Francis urged them to regard their new role not as one of worldly honor but of humble service and sacrifice.

Cardinals’ agenda shows pope’s priority: Removing obstacles to faith

The variety of matters Pope Francis is asking his cardinals to address at this time -- from the Vatican's finances to its central administration to family life and marriage -- are all objects of a common concern, one the pope has made clear he regards as overriding.