In advance of Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 8,, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference present the following materials to inform voters on the positions of candidates for public office including president, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, state Senate, state House of Representatives and statewide offices in Pennsylvania. These and other documents may be distributed throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.


President (available in English and Spanish)
U.S. Senate
Statewide offices (Pennsylvania attorney general, treasurer, auditor general)

Candidate Questionnaire
— U.S. House of Representatives
— Pennsylvania General Assembly

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship (also available in Spanish): By the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Faithful Citizenship: By the Diocese of Pittsburgh

A Guide to Catholic Voting: By Our Sunday Visitor

Talking to Kids about Elections and Current Events: By Our Sunday Visitor

Some personal thoughts on the months ahead (also in Spanish): Archbishop Charles Chaput, Aug. 12
Some additional thoughts — and the elephant in the room (also in Spanish): Archbishop Charles Chaput, Aug. 19

This Election Day, it will be no party: By Christopher Roberts

National security, foreign policy worries a factor in 2016 election

Parties front and center on economy, but what is the best path forward?

Poverty solutions almost absent as a presidential campaign issue

High stakes for religious freedom, free speech seen in U.S. election

Candidates, party platforms differ on need to act on climate change

Refugee crisis another hot-button issue in a campaign full of them

What role are life issues playing in this year’s presidential election?

A violent summer pushes U.S. to once again deal with lingering pain of racism

The battle over gun regulation returns to the election season

Anger, distrust with candidates may find voters snubbing presidential ballot

Knights of Columbus urges U.S. Catholics to pray novena ahead of election

U.S. Catholics urged to weigh issues carefully as they enter voting booth