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Work with Knights ranks high on list

By Lou BaldwinSpecial to The CS&T George R. Koch (he pronounces it Cook) was elected Pennsylvania State Deputy for the Knights of Columbus at the state convention held in Green Tree near Pittsburgh in May. That makes him top dog for the K. of C. in the state, which is home to over 500 councils. […]

Newly retired but still an evangelizer

By Lou BaldwinSpecial to The CS&T There’s a lot going on at the Secretariat for Evangelization – the Family Life Office, Office for Black Catholics, Office for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, Office for Formation of the Laity, Office for Pastoral Care for Migrants and Refugees, Office for Worship, Respect Life Office and tons of other […]

Dog days, every day

By Lou BaldwinSpecial to The CS&T RICHBORO – Diana Sherman, who is a parishioner and business manager at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Richboro, sometimes takes a dog or two to work or to church. Her kids, Danielle, 15; Sydney, 13; and Jacquelyn, 12, might even take a dog to Archbishop Wood High School […]

Mailman delivers for the homeless

By Lou BaldwinSpecial to The CS&T One of the problems with being homeless is you don’t have a mailbox. That may seem trivial but it really isn’t. Homeless people very often rely on the mail for such things as public assistance checks, small pensions, documents to do with health care issues, keeping in touch with […]

Fitting right into Catholicism

By Lou BaldwinSpecial to The CS&T SPRINGFIELD – Converts bring enthusiasm to the Church. Take Tammy Bell, who entered Catholicism 10 years ago and has become a real contributor to the faith life of St. Kevin Parish, Springfield. She’s originally from Erie, which is just about as far away from Philadelphia as a place can […]

For the love of children

By Lou BaldwinSpecial to The CS&T ELKINS PARK – Kids tend not to forget the lessons they learned in Nancy Menno’s second grade class at St. James School in Elkins Park. Take, for example, the young lady in a sophomore Scripture class at Mount St. Joseph Academy in Flourtown. “Does anyone know who Zacchaeus was?” […]

Triplets receive first Communion

By Christie L. ChicoineCS&T Staff Writer NEW HOPE – The Meyer triplets of St. Martin of Tours Parish in New Hope, Bucks County, are among approximately 500 first communicants from across the Archdiocese scheduled to participate in the Corpus Christi Mass and procession at 2 p.m. Sunday, June 6, at the National Shrine of Our […]

After 49 years she still loves teaching Catholic kids

By Lou BaldwinSpecial to The CS&T Susan Roche wanted to be a Catholic school teacher as long as she can remember. Her school, St. John of the Cross, Roslyn, had a wonderful lay teacher in the second grade, and she wanted to be just like “Miss Claire.” Skip forward a few years to 1961 when […]

Eighth-grader leaves pro-life legacy

By Lou BaldwinSpecial to The CS&T PRIMOS – St. Eugene School is pro-life. Well, all Catholic schools are pro-life. St. Eugene in Primos is especially so, thanks to eighth-grader Teresa Greiner. On her own initiative, she started a pro-life group which meets regularly at the school, and if all goes well, will continue long after […]

Three Hail Marys inspire deacon

By Lou BaldwinSpecial to The CS&T Three Hail Marys. It doesn’t sound like much, but Deacon Stephen Hopkins, 78, a permanent deacon since 1982, remembers it was a Sister of the Blessed Sacrament who told him, “If you always say three Hail Marys a day you won’t die without the Blessed Sacrament.” It was so […]