Youth & Young Adults

Inward humility and outward boldness mark the Christian life

John the Baptist lived the message he preached, says Father Matt Guckin. As disciples of Christ, we too are called to put aside self and to serve God in others.

Pew report says young adults worldwide less religious than older adults

The study concluded that this was true regardless of the predominant religion in the country, its level of economic development, or its level of religiosity.

Thoughts on the synod: Solitude and mission

Archbishop Charles Chaput turns his column over to a young man discerning God's personal call to embark on a mission for life -- a vocation -- which begins with solitude and is built in community.

Selfie spirituality: Inside

In the age of the selfie, how can the church reach "real people"? Social media expert Father Thomas Dailey, O.S.F.S. shares his thoughts on the relationship between the actual self, the virtual self and the Gospel.

Show you’re a Catholic school grad and appear a fool — for Christ

Even as this year's graduates take off their caps and gowns, they are called always to be witnesses to Christ through their personal example despite pressures to fit in with society, writes Father Joseph Bongard.

In a world of us vs. them, Catholics can show the way to dignity

A young Navy officer knows the beauty of respectful dialogue and dignified disagreement, and thinks young people in the church can become the voice of dignity wherever it is called into question.

The power of witness; the importance of the Eucharist

Archbishop Charles Chaput lauds the Culture Project that ministers to young adults, the Courage ministry to persons with same-sex attraction and the holy Eucharist -- all treasures of the Catholic Church.

Lessons from two soon-to-be saints

Millennial Catholics like Elise Italiano grasp the integrity of Catholic teachings, and see no divide in the saintly witness of Pope Paul VI (pro-life) and Archbishop Romero (social justice), whom the pope will soon canonize.

Yanny vs. laurel, and the search for truth

The latest internet sensation -- what did you hear that computerized voice say? -- points to the importance of listening, which can lead to the internal conversion of our hearts, writes Brett Robinson.

Thoughts on the Synod: Becoming a Hedgehog

Archbishop Charles Chaput shares the insight of a young man about to be ordained a priest. Young people need Christian witness, and to find rest in Jesus from the world's noise.