So… now what?

This is the question we have as the office of youth and young adults at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, whose job it is to INSPIRE young people to belong to the Catholic Church.

As if that wasn’t hard enough.

So here we are, sitting in our office with a whole schedule of events and future content that we should be working on… but we’re struggling and angry.

This must be said before anything else.

Thank God for this investigation and report.

Thank God for those who came forward to help expose abusers.

Thank God that some truth is finally out in the light.  

This needs to continue. All predators who infiltrated our priesthood, and severely traumatized innocent people, must be revealed.

This is the beginning of a much needed revolution in the Church.

We need justice for all known and unknown victims. We stand with  them. We ache for them.

We stand with good priests and holy leaders. We need their grit and look forward to their swift action to purge our Church once and for all. The removal of corruption can’t come fast enough.

We will be asked, “Why are you still Catholic?”

This is why.  

The Church is not the acts that have poisoned it. This corruption was the corruption of men. Jesus’ teachings have never failed us. People have…people who allowed terrible things to happen.

These people do not define our Church.

The central person of our religion is not ex-Cardinal McCarrick.

It’s Jesus, who was crucified on a cross.

Jesus, who was mocked, blamed, and killed by the corrupt religious leaders of His day.

This is why.

He is why.

The Church needs the youth now more than ever. It needs our voice, our passion, and our energy.

It needs our audacity.

It’s up to us to show people the REAL Church. To save it.

Nobody is going to do it for us.

People were already confused about the Church. There was already a call for change. Our generation ISN’T being reached. People don’t think Christianity is appealing anymore. They think it’s outdated, it doesn’t apply, its archaic, etc. And now, ridden with stigmas.

But that’s not our Church.

Jesus needs you. We need you.

You don’t need to hold a position in an archdiocese or parish to evangelize. You just need a heart for Jesus and a desire for others to know Him, too.

We are calling on all young Catholics to stand up. To get involved. To remember why.


For more information on ways to talk about Jesus, this scandal, and show the real church, contact us by clicking here.