‘Central Intelligence’ tests the wisdom of yet another buddy film

A high IQ is not required to view the odd-couple pairing of comedian Kevin Hart and wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson. What this dimwitted action comedy demands instead are stamina and perseverance.

Books about family, food, fireflies will keep kids reading this summer

See our reviews of eight books for young people with time on their hands, now that school is out.

Those seeking sequel to ‘Finding Nemo’ will rejoice in ‘Finding Dory’

Life lessons about family loyalty and the proper balance between courage and caution abound in a humorous script full of appealing personalities. Characters with various disabilities send an implicit pro-life message.

New comic series ‘Strange Fruit’ arrives a bit underripe

For this comic book's recipe, take one part Superman, add the 1967 film "In the Heat of the Night" and season with the 1951 classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still." Then subtract good writing from the mix.

Slim book can deepen Catholics’ understanding of new Mass responses

While they may be "right and just," the now familiar words of the new English translation of the Mass prayers published in 2011 has not led to understanding or appreciation. A new book helps to clarify those words.

‘Now You See Me 2’ shows solid values amid the razzle-dazzle

The film sequel's dense plot and quick dialogue are enhanced by elaborate illusions and a great deal of technology. The moral: Be true to yourself while not always believing in what you see.

Movie review: Warcraft

Anyone who has ever doubted the genius of Catholic novelist J.R.R. Tolkien need look no further than the heavy-handed video game adaptation "Warcraft" (Universal) for confirmation of his gifts.

DC’s ‘rebirth’: a return to happy superheroes?

Superheroes have gotten too serious. That's the takeaway from "DC Universe: Rebirth," the famed publisher's new series of comics through which it aims to retool its cosmos.

How St. John Paul II used spiritual power to bring down Soviet Union

The PBS documentary "Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism" shows the role the Polish pontiff played in bringing about the overthrow of Eastern Europe's Marxist regimes.

‘Mutant Ninja Turtles’ thrill their target audience: 13-year-old boys

Kids will easily comprehend genetic engineering, and get the film equivalent of a candy bar, in the CGI-animated action film sequel, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows."