‘War Dogs’ takes comedic swipe at profitable business of war

Who's to blame when two young Florida men make a killing by selling arms in the American-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Culpability gives way to men-behaving-badly humor in this true-to-life film.

What happens when the faith of ‘The Innocents’ is lost

A luminescent and unflinching film set in Poland at the end of World War II tells how the degradation to which an order of nuns has been subjected has crushed their faith or left them in fear. The ending is uplifting, if not happy.

Remade ‘Ben-Hur’ isn’t bad, but can’t live up to its epic pedigree

Considered on its own terms, this iteration of the classic 1880 story makes for a satisfying action picture, aside from the 1959 extravaganza. But the redemption of the title character is unpersuasive because it's unearned.

Take a stroll down two different paths to confronting stress

While Sister Hill notes that "Blessed are the Stressed: Secrets to a Happy Heart From a Crabby Mystic" is not a "scholarly treatment," the same cannot be said for Chuck DeGroat's "Wholeheartedness: Busyness, Exhaustion and Healing the Divided Self."

‘Ben-Hur’ remake stresses reconciliation theme, producer says

One reason Roma Downey signed on to lead the film was because she "loved the rephrasing of the story as one of forgiveness instead of the previous incarnations which were revenge-driven."

Meryl Streep charms and charges ahead in touching, humane tale

Like the World War II-era New York socialite it profiles, "Florence Foster Jenkins" presents an eccentric blend of comedy and drama. Its ethical conflicts invite more compassion than condemnation.

Collection on mercy has much to say about often-misunderstood virtue

Several books have been published or reissued on the subject of mercy and some of them have proven to be a means to reacquaint ourselves with a virtue that most people consider a "soft," almost squishy, virtue.

Book confronts questions about historical facts of Jesus’ resurrection

Carl E. Olson states that "Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?" disputes the conclusions and presumptions of numerous academic and popular books which in one way or another seek to question or even deny the historical reality of Jesus' resurrection.

Movie review: Pete’s Dragon

The classic boy-and-his-dog story assumes outsized proportions in "Pete's Dragon" (Disney), a warmhearted fantasy adventure suitable for teens and their elders.

‘Song of the Deep’ a puzzling undersea adventure

In many ways, "Song of the Deep" (Insomniac) is the perfect summer game. A dive into the depths of a fantastical ocean, it offers a cool -- in both senses of the world -- respite from the scorching days of August.