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Faith leads young man with cancer to resolve to live life to the utmost

INDIANAPOLIS (CNS) -- The moment touched Father Rick Nagel as he visited Macklin Swinney in the hospital and listened to the young man share the remarkable resolution of what he was giving up for Lent.

Survey finds ongoing dissatisfaction with new Missal language

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- A survey of attitudes among priests and lay parish leaders about the revised Roman Missal found just under half dislike the changes to the Mass introduced in the U.S. in 2011, and 75 percent think the language is "awkward and distracting."

USCCB releases resource guide on Girl Scouts for Catholic parishes

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Responding to concerns about Catholic involvement with Girl Scouts, a U.S. bishops' committee released key points from its dialogue with Girl Scout leaders outlining major concerns of church leaders and the national organization's responses.

Diocesan tech staffs have concerns about end of Windows XP support

ALLOUEZ, Wis. (CNS) -- On April 8, Microsoft discontinued support and security updates on all computers using its popular Windows XP operating system. Support also ended for Office 2003.

Diplomacy, peacebuilding head off violence before mass atrocities arise

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Healing and reconciliation continue 20 years after Rwanda's 100 days of genocide, making the central African nation a strong example for troubled states to emulate, international observers said.

Court declines cases eyed over same-sex marriage, campaigns, executions

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of a lower court ruling that said a New Mexico photographer violated the state's human rights law by refusing to photograph a commitment ceremony for a same-sex couple.

Luther’s goal not schism but reform of ‘church he loved,’ says bishop

NEW ORLEANS (CNS) -- It was the seminal event of Western Christianity over the past 500 years. Martin Luther, a German Catholic monk, sent his "95 Theses," or "Disputation on the Efficacy and Power of Indulgences," to the local archbishop Oct. 31, 1517. And he set into motion the Protestant Reformation ...

Atlanta archbishop will sell new residence at center of controversy

ATLANTA (CNS) -- Atlanta Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory announced April 5 that he will vacate the archbishop's residence in early May and move into another available archdiocesan property.

Hundreds of North Carolina parents object to school’s assembly on sexuality

UPDATED -- CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CNS) -- The presentation March 21 by Dominican Sister Jane Dominic Laurel of Nashville, Tenn., titled "Masculinity and Femininity: Difference and Gift," drew the ire of many students and parents. She has since cancelled future speeches and taken a sabbatical from teaching.

College responds to uproar over Dominican’s talk on human sexuality

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (CNS) -- Reaction to a Dominican sister's presentation on human sexuality at a North Carolina school has prompted "speculation from many sides," but few among those commenting about it "were actually present to hear the talk," said an April 4 statement from Aquinas College in Nashville, where she is an associate professor.