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Women are further victimized by harvesting of fetal parts, says counselor

Sue Harvath, a psychologist and founding member of Project Rachel in St. Louis, said the act of obtaining fetal body parts is manipulative and flat wrong.

Knights’ founder drew principles from ‘heart of Gospel,’ says archbishop

"Father McGivney's charity as a parish priest," Archbishop Lori said, "revealed a soul that had been transfigured, changed, transformed by the Holy Spirit into the living image of God's glory, that is to say, his love. How many lives has Father McGivney's ministry changed and transformed?"

Seminary’s goal to form ‘happy, healthy, holy priests,’ says rector

"Appropriate attention is given to men on what it means to be formed as a priest, but men's formation cannot take place in isolation."

Charitable works inspired by pope’s call to serve people on the margins

The disrespect, the disruptive classroom behavior and the bursts of anger from her 11-year-old grandson Jacob just got to be too much for Grandma Elizabeth.

Finding self through service: The experience of long-term volunteers

In a fairly industrial-looking part of South Boston, four women gathered in a classroom at the Notre Dame Education Center. It was time for their twice-per-week math lessons with AmeriCorps volunteer Nason Heywood, 29.

Forgiveness at heart of healing after Ferguson violence, says archbishop

"Jesus tells us that if we receive him as the bread of life, we will have his life within us," Archbishop Robert J. Carlson of St. Louis said in his homily at a Mass for peace and justice Aug. 9 at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. "He shows what this life means on the cross, when he forgives those who killed him."

Catholic agencies decry administration’s response on detention ruling

The Catholic Legal Immigration Network and the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas decried the Obama administration's effort to have a judge set aside her orders for the release of families being held in immigration detention centers.

In U.S. many expect pope to discuss ‘shameful plague’ of trafficking

Last spring, a Cincinnati man who was convicted of imprisoning and transporting multiple women for the purpose of commercial sex in the Ohio-Kentucky region was sentenced to 180 months for operating a sex trafficking scheme.

Bismarck bishop tells Catholic groups with troops to sever ties with Boy Scouts

He said in an Aug. 3 letter to parishioners that "effective immediately," any Catholic organization connected with the Boy Scouts is "formally disaffiliated" immediately with the Scouting organization.

Teens say Steubenville conference inspires and strengthens them

The first Steubenville Youth Conference to be held in New York drew 1,800 teenagers from around the country Aug. 7-9 in New York. One teen said it was "nothing like I've ever had before."