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Net neutrality issue, new FCC proposals prompt 1 million-plus letters

When it comes to recorded music, the progression went from wax cylinders to shellac discs to vinyl records -- with a short-lived detour to the 8-track tape -- to the cassette, to the compact disc and in this century to mp3 players, iPods and other digital devices.

Rector says cathedral design lets people ‘know they are loved by God’

Christ Cathedral has a multilayered mission -- and with the rollout of the new design plans that will transform the former Crystal Cathedral into the mother church of the Diocese of Orange, it has taken a big step toward realizing that mission.

In election season, churches reminded of campaign do’s and don’ts

A group encourages pastors to endorse a political candidate, send the sermon to the IRS and provoke an investigation jeopardizing the church's tax-exempt status. The group hopes to trigger a court case overturning the political prohibition for churches.

Divided we stand, on religion

Americans are split almost evenly between those who worry about government interfering with religion and religious groups "forcing their beliefs" on people, according to a new survey. Partisan divides were evident in the results.

Youths cheer for bands and pray to Jesus at festival

Almost 2,000 Catholic teens and others enjoyed the music, fun, food and prayers during the outdoor Abbey Faith and Music Fest last Saturday in Paoli. Along with the Christian musicians and artists were liturgies, sacraments and an inspiring display of vocations.

Oklahoma archbishop calls Holy Hour ‘a powerful witness of faith’

Oklahoma City's archbishop called the overflow crowd at a Sept. 21 eucharistic Holy Hour "a powerful witness of faith." The Holy Hour was celebrated as a response to a Satanic "black mass" held the same day in a downtown arena.

Pax Christi leaders alarmed that airstrikes will aid ISIS recruiting

Expanded airstrikes on Islamic State positions in Syria serve as little more than a recruiting tool for the extremist group and place more innocent people in danger, the leadership of Pax Christi International said.

Jesuit keeps love of creation, justice for the poor foremost in life

There's a twinkle in the eye of Jesuit Father Albert Fritsch as he looks at the small orchard of plum and apple trees on the grassy field that runs between his home and St. Elizabeth Church, where he has served as pastor for the past 10 years.

Marriage enrichment programs available at parishes, online

It's not easy to get couples to come to their parish for a weeknight program, even one that might improve their marriage.

U.S. doctor gives assessment of Ebola crisis after trip to West Africa

A former U.S. Navy doctor and expert in infectious diseases said the West African outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus will be contained only if all ports of entry in the region are adequately screening for infected carriers.