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Newly resigned U.S. surgeon general takes public health chair at Xavier

NEW ORLEANS (CNS) — Sister Grace Mary Flickinger has been a teacher at Xavier University of Louisiana for “only 46 years,” but she fought back tears as one of her former students, Dr. Regina Benjamin, the 18th U.S. surgeon general, returned home to run the university’s newly created Department of Public Health Sciences. “I’m fighting […]

Catholic, other religious leaders decry U.S. government shutdown

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Anticipating the worst, religious leaders gathered the day before the federal government shut down to denounce what they called "political brinkmanship." The government shut down its nonessential operations Oct. 1, the start of a new federal fiscal year, furloughing hundreds of thousands of workers. At issue is a dispute between the Republican-controlled house and the Democratic-run Senate.

Cardinal urges Catholics to ‘share truth about human life’ far and wide

The cardinal, chairman of the U.S. bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activities, said in his Respect Life Month message that any work on behalf of life must be grounded in "love that seeks to serve those most in need, whatever the personal cost."

North Carolina bishops to exit council over same-sex marriage, abortion

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CNS) -- Both North Carolina Catholic bishops -- Raleigh Bishop Michael F. Burbidge and Charlotte Bishop Peter J. Jugis -- are resigning from the North Carolina Council of Churches, an ecumenical organization comprised of Christian church leaders from across the state, because the group supports some issues that contradict Catholic teaching.

Bishop of Houma-Thibodaux retires; New Orleans auxiliary is successor

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Bishop Sam G. Jacobs of Houma-Thibodaux, La., and appointed as his successor Auxiliary Bishop Shelton J. Fabre of New Orleans.

Pope names Bishop Hebda of Gaylord to be Newark coadjutor archbishop

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Bernard A. Hebda of Gaylord, Mich., 54, to be coadjutor archbishop of Newark, N.J. As coadjutor, he would automatically succeed Newark Archbishop John J. Myers, 72, upon his retirement or death. Canon law requires bishops to turn in their resignation to the pope at age 75.

Family, with help from Catholic shelter, seeks to get back on feet

FORT MEADE, Md. (CNS) -- According to Census Bureau estimates released Sept. 17, there are 46.5 million poor people in the United States. This is the story of one of them.

He used to be poor, but that was long ago

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Contrary to the beliefs of some, it is possible for people who are poor to break out of poverty. Clarence Simmons is one of them. Few people know him as Clarence. "Call me Clay," he says.

Religious order files HHS lawsuit; Catholic college joins another suit

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The Little Sisters of the Poor and a Catholic college are the latest Catholic entities to file a lawsuit or join an existing suit against the Department of Health and Human Services over its mandate that most religious employers' health insurance plans cover contraceptives, sterilization and some abortion-inducing drugs free of charge.

Connecticut bishop urges Catholics to be builders of spiritual bridges

TRUMBULL, Conn. (CNS) -- Bridgeport's new bishop used a famous image of his hometown -- the Brooklyn Bridge -- to describe how, like a physical bridge, a "spiritual bridge" pulls communities together and draws Catholics closer to God, the Gospels and one another as members of the body of Christ.