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Thirst for profit threatens humanity, Vatican official says

Left unchecked, unbridled greed and a thirst for profit leads down a slippery slope that endangers the earth and all who live on it, especially indigenous populations, a Msgr. Fernando Chica Arellano said.

When it comes to prayer, there is no room for individualism, pope says

Prayer is not just a private and intimate dialogue between a person and God, but rather an opportunity for Christians to bring the needs of others before the Lord, Pope Francis said.

Mexican bishops confirm 152 priests removed for abusing minors

In a Feb. 12 statement, the Mexican bishops' conference published the preliminary figure, while promising, "We will continue with the effort to have a complete diagnosis of cases of child sexual abuse in Mexico."

Great expectations: Vatican abuse summit has key, realistic goals

All eyes and ears will be on the Vatican during an unprecedented gathering Feb. 21-24 to discuss the protection of minors in the Catholic Church.

German theologians say church restrictions threaten their credibility

Catholic theology faculties in Germany have accused the church of restricting their freedom and warned that theology's "scientific credibility" could be damaged by reinforced rules and procedures.

In video, Bridgeport bishop calls sex abuse by clerics crime and sin

In a video posted Feb. 11 on YouTube, Bishop Frank J. Caggiano of Bridgeport, Connecticut, offered support for the "many sisters and brothers who have been wounded, violated, hurt and abused at the hands of priests and deacons" and whose sexual abuse in their youth "changed their lives forever."

Opposition delegation says Vatican supports new elections in Venezuela

Although it has publicly taken a neutral stance in the current political crisis in Venezuela, the Vatican has expressed its support for new elections in the country within the year, said a member of a delegation representing opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Caritas reps from Latin America look for ways to build on ‘Laudato Si”

Participants exchanged ideas on how to achieve Pope Francis' vision of the common good and integral ecology and included discussions on gender equality, forced migration, corruption, violence and new economies.

Churches at Colombian border work to help desperate Venezuelans

The crowds of hungry Venezuelans seeking a free meal become bigger each month, as thousands of people flee food shortages, hyperinflation and crime in the South American country, with almost no savings to start their new life abroad.

English cardinal says people rely on modern slavery for cheap goods

Cardinal Vincent Nichols said that people often failed to realize how they were sometimes "part of the chain of supply and demand" that has led to an estimated 40 million people -- a third of whom are believed to be children -- trapped in slavery around the world.