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Rescue workers continue search for missing Filipinos after typhoon

Two days after Typhoon Mangkhut hit the northern Philippines, workers were trying to reach about 50 people trapped in a bunker where they had sought shelter, only to be buried in a landslide.

Priest attacked, robbed at his parish in Nicaragua

It was the latest aggression against Catholic clergy and those considered opponents of the Central American country's increasingly autocratic president.

Words, promises are not enough to prevent abuse, archbishop says

Inviting presidents of the world's bishops' conference to the Vatican to discuss abuse prevention reflects an understanding that "lovely" words and promises are not enough -- concrete, concerted action by the whole church is needed.

Pope expels Chilean priest found guilty of sex abuse

A priest who was once hailed as a champion of human rights in Chile was expelled from the priesthood by Pope Francis after being found guilty of sexual abuse.

Pope praises Capuchin order’s charism of authenticity, simplicity

Capuchins are called to be men of peace, reconciliation and prayer and to be close to all people, Pope Francis told members of the order.

Catholic workers say U.S. aid cuts to Palestinians could be disastrous

"There is concern that the humanitarian situation in Gaza, which is already dire, will be made worse," Hilary DuBose, who represents Catholic Relief Services in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza.

Pope prays for young people, their diligence and courage

As he often does with a group made up of people of different faiths or no faith, Pope Francis gave young people in Palermo a special blessing, but not a ritual one.

Pope, in Sicily, honors priest martyred by Mafia

Pope Francis insisted that true happiness and a real change in Sicilian society will come only when people love and care for one another rather than trying to grab as much money and power as they can.

Vatican publishes list of synod participants, including papal nominees

To the list of members of the Synod of Bishops elected by national bishops' conferences, Pope Francis added cardinals from 14 countries, bishops from another 10 nations, as well as 10 priests who be full voting members of the gathering.

Down to earth: Vatican brings together world’s meteorite curators

Rocks, mineral debris and even dust from space are kept in special collections, museums and laboratories all over the world, and the Vatican Observatory took the first small step to help curators make a giant leap in coordinating their efforts globally.