‘Daughters of Destiny’ shows how to lift India’s ‘untouchables’ one child at a time

This intriguing Netflix documentary on a school only for the lowest of India's caste system enables viewers to encounter people they wouldn't otherwise meet, yet with whose struggle they will surely sympathize.

Couple’s story captures courage of a French village in World War II

"Love in a Time of Hate" tells the story of the Trocmes and others in Le Chambon who courageously and cleverly put their faith into action to hide Jews.

Be ready to slog through metaphysical hooey of ‘The Dark Tower’

Astute viewers would be wise to spare themselves the necessity of sifting through this pile of New Age nonsense.

‘Annabelle: Creation’ goes for gore, dispenses with rational characters

The film's lapses in reason, believability and even the most rudimentary knowledge of Catholicism may inspire more frowns than frights.

New Smithsonian exhibit explores diversity of religion in early America

The exhibit features artifacts from Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other major world religions. Peter Manseau, the museum's Lilly Endowment curator of American religious history, is the author of several books and curator of the new exhibit.

Compelling study brings archaeology to life for academics, nonexperts

Through rigorous, systematic investigation of the likes of pottery shards, stone tools, post molds and fossilized bones, archaeologists uncover and help us preserve our past.

Dark chapter of recent American history plays out brutally in ‘Detroit’

The period drama zeroes in on the 1967 riots of the Motor City that left 43 dead, 7,200 arrested and more than 2,000 buildings destroyed. The film follows a notorious raid of a motel harboring innocent patrons and shady characters caught up in the violence.

‘A Ghost Story’ reflects on loss while suggesting purgatory

The best film about purgatory you'll see this year isn't about religion or spirituality. The spirit of a deceased character must fulfill a task in order to set things right and thus be released from his earthly bonds.

What’s next for net neutrality: Open access or paid priority?

More than 10 million people weighed in on an FCC plan to change the rules on internet access. Among the supporters of preserving current regulations is the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Inspiring book on Mass should be required reading for all Catholics

Rooted in solid, intellectually honest, balanced scholarship, yet written in language that the average person will follow easily and enjoy, "Bored Again Catholic" is a book that will renew just about anyone's appreciation for the Mass.