Study: Parents just as attached to devices as their kids are

For adults complaining about America's youth being saturated in media usage, it appears the apple hasn't fallen far from the iPad.

New inspirational children’s books will make great gifts for Christmas

The following books for children and teenagers are suitable for Christmas giving.

Movie review: Loving

Dignity and understatement are usually noble qualities in a film. "Loving" (Focus), the fact-based story behind a landmark 1967 Supreme Court decision, is so restrained and decorous, however, that it nearly obscures the historical significance of the events it recounts.

‘Face of Mercy’ documentary showcases living examples of mercy

Though predictably free of objectionable content, "The Face of Mercy" does touch on such mature themes as war, genocide, narcotics and the nature of evil. Accordingly, it will best be appreciated by teens and their elders.

Book on monks offers some excellent insights but skimpy theology

"Illuminating the Way" excels for those looking for the horizontal church and horizontal spiritual practice, which is to say for a strong me-centered path of therapeutic religion.

For book on Pope Francis, author retraces pope’s life in Argentina, Rome

Over two and one-half years, Mark Shriver extensively researched the pope's life, his writings and speeches, interviewed close to a hundred people who knew Jorge Mario Bergoglio before he became pope, and retraced the pope's life, from his childhood in Argentina to his papacy in Rome.

Video games now have a classic genre with retro Nintendo console

The hottest video game console on the market is 30 years old. Nintendo recently released the NES Classic Edition, a mini-version of the Nintendo Entertainment System that enjoyed wide popularity in the 1980s.

Canadian author hides message of hope in bleak landscape

Canadian author David Adams Richards seems unafraid to include issues like the existence of evil, sin and redemption in his extensive body of work.

Yes, there are more Christmas traditions to trash in ‘Bad Santa 2’

As soul-deadening as its squalid urban setting, this sequel attempts to mine laughs out of human degradation. The creators go far beyond the tropes of dark comedy to proffer not peace, but hell, on earth.

Movie review: Rules Don’t Apply

Warren Beatty wrote, directed and stars in "Rules Don't Apply" (Fox), a loosely fact-based tale set within the secretive world of eccentric industrialist Howard Hughes (1905-1976).