Ice Age: Collision Course

Weakly constructed and inappropriate, in some respects, for its target audience, "Ice Age: Collision Course" (Fox) has little to recommend it.

Churches must promote good health habits, humor, author says

Good health care is not defined solely by the medical assistance we receive during times of illness or after an accident, Cal Samra insists in "The Physically Fit Messiah."

‘Star Trek Beyond’ goes where none of its forebears have gone

The film is crammed with technical jargon and nostalgic references that only diehard Trekkies will get. While this might be endorsed as a fun summer movie, a reference to the Starship Gay Pride materializes.

Movie review: Lights Out

Viewers may find themselves giggling at "Lights Out" (Warner Bros). But it won't be because this feeble horror film has scared them silly.

3-D documentary on papal basilicas a mixed blessing

The filmmakers rely too heavily on art historians as talking heads, and something about the English translation of the Italian adds a layer of distance.

Darwyn Cooke’s final ‘Frontier’

The comic book world recently lost a unique talent when artist and writer Darwyn Cooke passed away from cancer at age 53.

Authors approach topic of spirituality from differing perspectives

Spirituality is a focus of interest even for those who say they are "spiritual but not religious." Three new books help readers explore just what spirituality is and how to live it out.

‘Papal Ninja’ brings message of faith to TV audience during competition

In the popular summertime series "American Ninja Warrior," competitor Sean Bryan represented his Catholic faith to millions of viewers. Not everyone got it. He was asked at one point, "Papal? You mean PayPal?"

‘The Infiltrator’ follows the money trail of drug trafficking to bankers

The lackluster film portrays federal agent Robert Mazur's takedown of the Medellin drug cartel in the 1980s. Panamanian banking schemes unfurl as the undercover Mazur leads a double life as a moral family man.

All the single ladies fire up the gags in new ‘Ghostbusters’

The plot of this 3-D reboot runs a similar course to that of its 1984 progenitor but the gender balance gets upended. In lieu of the Reagan-era male specter collectors the film conjures lady metaphysical musketeers.