Movie review: Deadpool 2

A second helping of excessively violent action with a side of foul-mouthed sarcasm is on offer in "Deadpool 2" (Fox), director David Leitch's follow-up to the 2016 original. 

Movie review: First Reformed

There's much to savor in an often-elegant story about moral dilemmas. Writer-director Paul Schrader does not condescend to belief. He's interested in examining what faith means and what actions best express it.

‘The Great American Read,’ May 22, PBS

Former "Today" co-anchor Meredith Vieira hosts and narrates the admirably conceived, yet cursory and often featherweight, PBS limited series "The Great American Read."

Movie review: Life of the Party

"Life of the Party" (Warner Bros.) turns out to be an especially poor choice of title for a campus-set comedy that is, essentially, lifeless.

New film takes Pope Francis at his word, in his own words

Veteran filmmaker Wim Wenders profiles the current successor of St. Peter in the well-crafted, sometimes moving documentary "Pope Francis: A Man of His Word." The film largely spares narration.

Paranormal meets pro-life in ‘Wraith’

Ghosts and demons ultimately highlight human dignity in this horror film, an earnest but flawed attempt to decry the evil of abortion.

Violent and predictable, ‘Breaking In’ shatters credibility

Don't mess with Mom -- that's the message of this excessively violent film starring Gabrielle Union as a single mom battling gangsters. The thriller goes for the jugular -- and leaves the intellect behind.

Discussion of words’ origins best taken in small bites

If you're the type of person to ever wonder why the word "disgruntled" is commonplace, but calling someone "gruntled" decidedly less so, "Angels, Barbarians and Nincompoops" offers a rollicking ride through the forgotten histories of everyday words.

Mom writes about childbirth from ‘a specifically Catholic point of view’

Mary Haseltine, a mother of five boys, a certified birth doula and childbirth educator, wants every woman and her baby to be blessed with "a healthy, happy and, yes, holy birth."

Ken Burns: Christophers ‘generous’ to give him Life Achievement Award

Burns will be receiving his award in person May 17 at the annual Christopher Awards dinner in the Big Apple.