Whirlwind ride of latest ‘Star Wars’ film doesn’t disappoint

If one does not take notions of the Force too seriously, there is little to object to in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi." The latest in this saga of Greek epic proportions offers memorable action scenes and plot twists.

Table talk: Author shares stories from his meals with St. John Paul II

Pope John Paul "was the most insatiably curious man I have ever met," said author George Weigel. The pope nourished friendships around the table and asked his guests their opinions about books, films, world leaders and political situations.

Back story of ‘A Christmas Carol’ makes for charming new film

"The Man Who Invented Christmas" portrays Charles Dickens interacting with the characters he created for his beloved 1843 novella, and charts the path to his own conversion story.

Children’s books show Christmas’ true joy with beautiful stories, art

Our review of nine books for boys and girls of various ages can help you find the right Christmas gift whose lessons may last a lifetime.

Must-read book details ongoing genocide in birthplace of Christianity

Anyone who cares about the fate of Christianity in the Middle East and North Africa will benefit from this study of the attacks not only on Christianity and Judaism, but also of the roots of Islam.

Movie review: Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Writer-director Dan Gilroy's drama "Roman J. Israel, Esq." (Columbia) is a generally intriguing character study pitting idealism against the hard realities of contemporary life and the allure of wealth and comfort.

Sermon on the screen: Priest plays himself in ‘Lady Bird’

Part of a voice-over in the trailer for "Lady Bird" -- playing over scenes from the movie and in between dialogue -- comes from a homily delivered to Catholic high school students attending a school Mass in the beginning of the movie.

‘Coco’ is a fun romp but has odd notions of the afterlife

Movie fans with a firm Christian formation will appreciate the warm spirit and impressive aesthetics of this animated adventure from the world to the underworld and back, even if it lacks any scriptural grounding.

To experience one of the holiest Christian sites, head to Washington

Employing state-of-the-art technology, the National Geographic Museum in Washington Nov. 15 opened an exhibit that virtually transports visitors to the streets of Jerusalem.

Archaeologist finds his human side at the tomb of Christ

Panelists talked about the exhibit, as well as their work documenting the recently completed effort to restore the small shrine surrounding the tomb of Christ in Jerusalem.