Youth & Young Adults

Confessions of a pothead

Wanting to continue his search, a young man tries confession for the first time.

Church at a crossroads finds youth walking alongside her

Young people around the world have been clear that they are not content to be passive recipients of what the church offers, but rather protagonists of their own faith journeys, writes Nicole Perone.

Stale Beer and Dirty Socks

From sneaking out to adoration, Megan finally finds what she really had been looking for.

Church must learn new ways, knowing ‘change is painful’

Chris White is ready for this year's World Meeting of Families and the synod of bishops on youth. In both, there's no whitewashing the pain young people feel today, and the church must listen to them.

My Name Is

A young man tells how to be in a high speed car chase, and how he found Jesus in a movie theater.

New Anthem program aims to strengthen parish youth ministers

Sprint helps teach youth ministers, who tend to burnout in under a year, how to build up an army of fellow ministers within their parish so that good youth ministry is sustainable even when those ministers move on.

Young adults leading the move toward mentoring

As family life and parish life continue to change, young adults need, and are calling for, one-on-one support in the spiritual life and practical tools for adulthood, writes Elise Italiano.

Small ritual of Mass, breaking bread into the cup, has huge meaning

Recall how the priest breaks a piece of the host and places it in the chalice. Father Matt Guckin unpacks the symbolism of how Christ's body and blood, once torn apart, are now restored in the Resurrection, as are we.

God asks us to embrace social media to make his presence known

The power of digital networks cannot be underestimated in the lives of today's young people, writes Sarah Yaklic. If the church would meet them and become their companions, we'd better run -- not sit and wait for them.

The church needs not clout, but gift of contemplative monasteries

It's tempting to withdraw into alarmist speculation about the church in a changing Western culture, but Father Eric Banecker points to contemplative prayer as the way the church can respond to the Holy Spirit in our times.