The cover of "Young Women of Grace: Embrace Your Femininity."

The cover of “Young Women of Grace: Embrace Your Femininity.”

The Catholic women’s apostolate Women of Grace is launching a new program for young women to help them counter the toxic messages aimed at girls by social media, magazines, TV and movies.

“Young Women of Grace: Embrace Your Femininity” is a study program that targets girls ages 12-17 and helps them to discover their dignity as a daughter of God as well as the unique genius of their femininity.

The program is an adaptation of the study “Full of Grace: Women and the Abundant Life” written by Women of Grace founder Johnnette Benkovic. It presents vital Catholic teachings in a colorful, age appropriate, 200-page magazine-style workbook packed with fun facts, testimonials and stories about women saints.


The workbook also introduces girls to dynamic young Catholic women such as pro-life superstar Lila Rose, former model turned chastity speaker Leah Darrow, Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski and YouTube sensation Lia Mills.

Girls are encouraged to use the book to record their feelings and views of the world, making it a keepsake of this time in their life.

“The young women of today are the life-givers of tomorrow. They have been chosen by God to physically and spiritually mother the generation that is to come,” said study co-author and Women of Grace spokesperson Susan Brinkmann. “And we have been chosen to prepare them!”

A Facilitator/Teacher Guide has been developed by Women of Grace Regional Coordinators and retired teachers Susan Jacobsen and Mary Dillenback. The guide gives the potential facilitators or teachers everything they need to implement the study, from how to set up a group to meeting formats and lesson plans.

Included in the guide are learning activities specifically developed to enhance the content of each chapter. Among these are activities such as “How to Be a Saint in Six Easy Steps.” Small group activities include discussions on study material such as “Do You Believe in Ghosts?”

Each chapter in the Facilitator/Teacher Guide ends with a “Bright Ideas” page and “Additional Resources” full of more ideas for fun activities.

“Young Women of Grace: Embrace Your Femininity” is adaptable to a variety of settings. It can be presented in the classroom, homeschool co-op, as an after-school club, or in the home with a few friends. All that is needed is a group of girls and a few faith-filled women who are willing to mentor them through this study and open their eyes to the true beauty of authentic femininity.

Women of Grace aims to build up girls’ self-esteem and give them the tools they need not just to survive, but to thrive in this time. This study doesn’t just teach about the joys of being a woman – it celebrates them!

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