Prefigured in the Old Testament, the call to priesthood makes Jesus present to his church through a life of sacrifice and service. The sacrament of holy orders is a visible sign of the faithful’s mission to be a priestly people.

Bishops, priests, and deacons live out their vocations in a vital relationship with the laity that strengthens and perfects the church in love. In this package from our partner, Catholic News Service, we look more closely at holy orders, a sacrament that finds its perfection in the example of Christ, our high priest.

Holy orders reflect the faithful’s call to universal priesthood
Working side-by-side with the laity, one priest is reminded that he shares his vocation with all the baptized on the journey of faith.

Holy orders is one sacrament with three unique degrees
Through ordination, the Holy Spirit sets apart men as bishops, priests and deacons, each serving the church in a way that helps reflect the full, perfect priesthood of Jesus Christ.

From baptism to burial, the priest’s ministry is not his own
A young priest tells how on a single, typical day he is surrounded by life and death, and how priests continue the work of bringing Jesus to his people in every moment.

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