In his eucharistic presence, Christ “(remains) mysteriously in our midst as the one who loved us and gave himself up for us, and he remains under signs that express and communicate this love” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1380).

What does time spent before the Blessed Sacrament mean to you? recently asked several students from Lansdale Catholic High School to share their thoughts on eucharistic adoration. Father John Nordeman, director of school ministry, also provided his insights on how adoration transforms his students’ spirituality.

(Click on the play icon for audio. Original music by composer Alan Špiljak; used with permission. Read a related article on eucharistic adoration at Lansdale Catholic High School.)


Angel Concepcion (Class of 2019)


Peter McHugh (Class of 2020)


Camille Formica (Class of 2019)


John McCabe (Class of 2019)


Zachary Shepardson (Class of 2019)


Father John Nordeman (Director of School Ministry)