Pope tours offer anecdotes, look into Francis’ life in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (CNS) -- Pope Francis used to pick up La Nacion newspaper every day at a kiosk across from the city's cathedral. Each edition was bound by a rubber band. But then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, being frugal, would save the rubber bands and return them in a ball at the end of every month.

Registration period extended for Rome canonization trip

There is still time to register for the pilgrimage to Rome to witness Popes John Paul II and John XXIII be proclaimed saints. Since turnout is light for the trip, plenty of good seats remain.

Gospel Trail puts visitors on the path of Christ through Galilee

With vistas spanning the horizon and the chance to meet the varied people who call Israel home, the Gospel Trail takes hikers on a 37-mile journey from Nazareth to Capernaum.

Galilee offers peaceful setting to contemplate the ministry of Jesus

A green oasis of fertile fields and homesteads interspersed with meadows, forests and springs give a glimpse of the land Jesus saw in the years of his public ministry.

Capernaum, ‘the town of Jesus,’ offers a glimpse of Christ’s ministry

All four Gospels describe the town’s synagogue, in which Jesus inspired those who gathered for prayer and conversation. Abandoned in 700, the town is now a living museum.

Via Dolorosa: Tracing Christ’s footsteps toward the cross

Tradition marks the Way of Sorrows that winds through Christian and Muslim quarters of Jerusalem’s Old City.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher stands at the center of Christianity

Built and rebuilt over the years, and run by several religious orders, the church allows pilgrims to touch the places where Christ died and rose.

Church of the Nativity: A walk through Christian architectural history

Entering the wide nave of the church, visitors are taken back in time 15 centuries. Many features of the church that has stood since 530 remain accessible.

Catholic tour groups survive, thrive during tough economic times

Tours to Catholic sites in Western Europe are on the upswing, as is a new tour to sites familiar to Pope Francis in Argentina.

It’s a working vacation for priests in cruise ship ministry

Priests traveling on cruise ships are not just there for the wind and the waves. Although they may enjoy the amenities, they minister to passengers and crew four to five hours a day, or more.