Viewers won’t forget ‘Rolling Thunder Revue,’ even if Bob Dylan does

The fascinating Netflix film is, as they said in the '60s, a "put on," but it's also an insightful look at Dylan's 1975 tour at a time when many Americans had become disillusioned.

Rare exhibit of Jesuit artists’ work in China displayed in Washington

Visitors to Smithsonian art museums in Washington got a special treat this summer when an exhibit on Chinese empresses also featured a rare display by two Jesuit missionaries whose artwork was in the past largely seen only by royalty and high government officials.

Truly understanding Christ can transform Christians, author says

In his new book, Franciscan Father Richard Rohr explores Jesus' revealing title in "The Universal Christ." The book is more an inviting work of spirituality aiming toward a greater Christian maturity than a doctrinal treatise.

‘Chasing the Moon’ offers surprises in Apollo 11’s story

The PBS documentary airing July 8-10 uses remarkable, rarely seen archival footage and striking still photos to organize the story of the first moon landing, which isn't limited to NASA and the astronauts.

Book describes ‘triumph of beauty’ of Catholic art

The glossy photos in a book on the soaring works of Counter-Reformation art are its highlight. Less flattering are the pietistic essays that fail to show how great art can communicate profound and nuanced religious ideas.

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ spins a snappy, substantial tale

Bloodless violence, gentle romance and an emphasis on the responsible use of power make the superhero's latest adventures fitting fare for older teens and adults, although small fry may be frightened by the scale and intensity of the film's action.

Gamers rebuild after atomic devastation in ‘Fallout 76’

The multiplayer, post-apocalyptic survival game has made a strong comeback after a controversial debut. With the option to turn off gory effects, the adventure offers adults the chance to explore strategy, cooperation and ethical challenges.

Calling card for Catholic Laughs duo is a love of wholesome comedy

Parishes can literally laugh their way to the bank, raising up to $4,500 in one night of comedy with the Catholic Laughs organization.

When you watch TV, your TV may be watching you

Private firms are using internet-connected devices to track your voice, habits, TV preferences, meals and other sensitive data so the companies so can sell you more stuff. It's called surveillance capitalism.

Beatles’ songs are here to stay in ‘Yesterday’

Fans of the lads from Liverpool will rejoice over the mostly amiable Beatles-themed comedy, which imagines a world without their hits that are suddenly introduced by a British-Indian grocery clerk.