Still creepy and kooky, but ‘The Addams Family’ isn’t very funny

Jokes fall flat as this animated film of the beloved TV and live-action movie series attempts to Lurch from scene to scene. Yet the family has a Thing to say (not in French) about suburban sprawl and conformity.

‘Unbelievable’ traces rape survivor’s path from disbelief to justice

The eight-episode series streaming on Netflix succeeds powerfully as a crime drama and social commentary on who is found credible, and by whom. Ultimately it's a tale of redemption.

Movie review: Gemini Man

Though it may be named after a heavenly constellation, the sci-fi action-thriller "Gemini Man" (Paramount) turns out to be less than stellar.

Director: Victims call new film on abuse ‘the French “Spotlight”‘

"By the Grace of God," which opens Oct. 18 in select U.S. theaters, details the still-emerging scandal in the Archdiocese of Lyon, France.

New film on St. Faustina makes one-night-only debut Oct. 28

A new film on the life of St. Faustina Kowalska, the Polish nun whose visions of Jesus led to the Divine Mercy devotion, will have a one-night-only showing Oct. 28 at about 700 screens across the United States.

No room for laughter (or hope) in ‘Joker’

The latest life story of Batman's arch-enemy, played by Joaquin Phoenix, is a dark tale of mental illness, poverty and gun violence, with no uplifting moral and no new insights into the sinister clown's character.

Bishop Barron’s fighting words on sex abuse could use healing touch

In his new book, the bishop says Catholics angry about clergy abuse should not leave the church but instead "stay and fight." A reviewer believes he should offer concrete means for mercy, beyond making a holy hour.

Lovable furball monster is more adorable than ‘Abominable’

This family-friendly adventure about the transformation of a dreaded Yeti, set in China and the Himalayas, features eye-popping animation, roller-coaster action and good humor.

Documentary shows the horror of China’s forced-abortion policy

The documentary "One Child Nation" (Amazon) is not, in any Catholic sense, a pro-life film, yet there's a great deal in it, some of it explicit, to show the horror of not government-sanctioned -- but government-mandated -- abortions and forced sterilizations.

Anglophiles rejoice at arrival of ‘Downton Abbey’ on big screen

The sweeping spectacle of the manor, its lordly family and their hard-working staff return from the hiatus of the PBS series to a full-length film feature that promises all the visuals and personal intrigues -- and visit by the king and queen.