‘Jesus: His Life’ recreates and reflects on Gospels

The docudrama, which will debut on History March 25, combines commentary and historical reenactment in a refreshing, accessible retelling of the pivotal moments in Christ's earthly ministry, from the perspective of those who knew him best.

‘Us’ is a frightening look in the mirror at ‘them’

The horror fantasy starring Lupita Nyong'o follows a family terrorized by evil versions of themselves. The film is a "thinking person's creeper," but the viewers will need a strong stomach for the movie's graphic violence.

Complex ‘Captive State’ wraps social commentary in sci-fi drama

After humanity surrendered the earth to invading aliens, a young Chicagoan prepares an uprising, thwarted by surveillance and spies. While the film is ambitious it promises more than it ultimately delivers.

‘Anthem’ video game loads slowly, but rewards the patient

The breathtaking artwork, with its lush landscapes, is as excellent as the original soundtrack. The flight mechanics are a thing of beauty but an excessively slow loading screen is among some flaws.

For teens even at ‘Five Feet Apart,’ love finds a way

The two lead characters in this engaging young-adult romantic drama for whom touch is fatal discover the redeeming power of love in a compassionate, medically correct and morally sound way.

Author explores virtues with deep dives into great books

In "On Reading Well," Karen Swallow Prior shows how classic literature can highlight the best in humanity, through both positive and negative examples drawn from the works of Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edith Wharton and more.

‘Wonder Park’ embarks on superlative, if scary, ride

The characters in this animated adventure find everything "splendiferous" even when they aren't. While it offers a positive climax, "chimpanzombies" make an amusement park's rides frightening to little ones.

‘Plant-forward’ menus in Lent can have year-round benefits

Many cultures eat plant-based meals, which not only offer an abundance of nutrients and protein, but also reduce the carbon footprint of the consumer, writes Brooke Mullen, who offers four alternatives to meat.

Latin American saint championed social justice in troubled times

Two new books present the martyred St. Oscar Romero to a new generation, taking different approaches. One lets St. Oscar speak in his own words of spirituality and sin, and the other is more academic in tone.

‘Alienated America’ author urges Catholics to engage in parish, community

Washington Examiner reporter Tim Carney thinks it was the dissolution of civic institutions such as church and family that made communities vote for Donald Trump in 2016.