As ‘Early Man’ understood, greed will get you nowhere

That's the premise of this claymation film featuring soccer-playing cavemen who must work together to defeat an evil plan -- with plenty of family-friendly slapstick comedy along the way.

New take on Revelation like nothing else you’ve ever read

Micah Kiel's love of apocalyptic literature inspired a new book that gives readers a whole new perspective on Revelation.

Movie review: Game Night

Family values and much enjoyable humor are offset by numerous distasteful jokes and an excess of vulgar language in the comedy "Game Night" (Warner Bros.).

National Gallery exhibit explores St. Francis’ reception of stigmata

"Heavenly Earth: Images of Saint Francis at La Verna" includes 30 pieces of Franciscan art centered on the miraculous 13th-century event. The exhibit was to open Feb. 25.

By the final reel: films for Lent with conversion themes

Here, in alphabetical order, are capsule reviews of 10 films that showcase characters experiencing a positive change of heart, mind or outlook.

Movie review: Annihilation

Writer-director Alex Garland's "Annihilation" (Paramount), a blend of sci-fi and horror, starts off promisingly, its understated tone and matter-of-fact dialogue ratcheting up audience dread.

No phantom threads in upcoming ‘Heavenly Bodies’ exhibit in New York

The sectarian will meet the secular in an unusual way with the May 10 debut of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibit "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" in New York City.

‘Paul’ film producer: ‘Real important to tell the story of God’s mercy’

"His message of love and life and mercy is so important for us today," Eric Groth said to an invitation-only audience of about 60 at a Feb. 15 advance screening of the film at St. John Paul II National Shrine in Washington.

Likable sitcom ‘Living Biblically’ on CBS needs to be funnier

Exceptional moments of religious insight can't overcome long stretches that are painfully unfunny. Viewers may root for this rare program airing Feb. 26 about a man who wants to become a better person.

With ‘Black Panther,’ racial empowerment is thoughtful and fun

It's a long, sprawling film packed with action and lightened by humor. Characters face moral choices such as whether pursue vengeance or accept justice as they weigh violent revolution against peaceful reform.