‘Unbroken’ sequel charts hero’s hard path to redemption

The story of Louis Zamperini continues after his return from a POW camp to forgiveness of his captors and a newfound Christian faith, in "Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption."

Troubled family ties, shaky ethics paint a gritty ‘White Boy Rick’

Set in 1980s working-class Detroit, the fact-based film critiques hypocritical police and excessively harsh sentencing, while the main character fails to face the moral consequences of his criminal actions.

History of papacy needs to be read with critical eye

The abundance of scholarship and detail in this work gives the reader an education that should move them to do further study.

New fall series: Coming back from the past doesn’t always pay off

New TV shows mostly tend to fall into one of three categories: How did this ever get on the air? Not bad, but viewers have seen this kind of thing often. Looks promising.

Toothless and tasteless, ‘The Nun’ leaves Catholic viewers saying ‘no fangs’

Although less blasphemous than other occult films, the big-budget horror flick relies on tired tricks and religious misconceptions to tell an old tale.

Sociologists refute stereotypes about religious views toward science

The relationship between the two disciplines is more complex -- and even friendlier -- than imagined, according to a new five-year study.

The wages of net neutrality’s repeal can be fatal

It is not too big of a leap to say that the end of net neutrality is both lethal and fatal. Ask the California wildfire fighters.

‘BlacKkKlansman’ goes undercover into vicious world of racism

A mix of drama and satire, Spike Lee's adaptation of the bestselling book explores an African-American police officer's quest to infiltrate the inner circles of the white supremacist movement.

‘Eighth Grade’ shows pains of adolescence in honest, artful way

Though it may be uncomfortable for parents to watch along with their kids, the crafty coming-of-age story offers positive lessons of kids retaining their dignity and faith in a hookup culture.

Lego movies offer what serious most superhero films don’t: Fun

"Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Aquaman -- Rage of Atlantis" is a direct-to-video film that is colorful, funny, free of violence and profanity and features positive messages about family and the environment.