Prophetic Bishop Barron lights a fire under evangelizing Catholics

A new Q & A book poses various questions on a wide range of topics including Bishop Robert Barron's early influences and his thoughts on beauty, truth, goodness and, of course, evangelization.

Movie review: Isle of Dogs

Writer-director Wes Anderson's "Isle of Dogs" (Fox Searchlight) pushes the limits of his customary deadpan drollery with its emphasis on death and gloom.

‘Summer in the Forest’ shows love in action for disabled people

The documentary takes a long look at how a Canadian man invited five developmentally disabled men and women to live with him in relationships built on love, respect, humor and human dignity.

Movie reveiw: Chappaquiddick

The incident that so drastically altered the fortunes of the last of the Kennedy brothers gets a somber but intriguing treatment in the fact-based drama "Chappaquiddick" (Entertainment Studios).

‘A Quiet Place’ tells of silent resistance to scary tyranny

The compact, stylish horror film plots an unusual showdown of aliens with super-hearing against a girl with no hearing. It presumes its audience's intelligence while avoiding distasteful cliches.

Trio of books look at Protestant Reformation through different lenses

The way Catholics react to the Reformation says as much about how we see the church today as it does about the fissures begun 500 years ago. The wounds to Christian unity remain a vivid scar on the body of Christ.

‘The Miracle Season’ is a true-life, tear-jerking inspiration

The tragic story of a young volleyball player's death, and how her father and her team cope with the loss, sets the stage for a flawed but nonetheless uplifting film suitable for the whole family.

Movie review: Blockers

Contemporary society's misguided outlook on sex, from which all regard for the Gospel virtue of chastity has seemingly been banished, permeates the low comedy "Blockers" (Universal). The result is a morass of bad morals.

Despite flaws, picture-filled Fatima books tell compelling story

The year 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of the apparitions in Fatima. There has been a small deluge of publications to honor the occasion. These two short, picture-filled books show signs of being rushed to publication.

God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness

Writer-director Michael Mason's film, the second sequel to 2014's "God's Not Dead," benefits from a less strident tone than its predecessors as well as a timely message about the dangers of intemperate political and cultural discourse.