Try these 12 tips to manage your kids’ screen use

School is coming to an end but with a slow reopening to civic life, kids could be looking at screens for a good while longer. Here are some solid ways to help them adapt.

Just what is the truth about Norma McCorvey?

The documentary "AKA Jane Roe" is ostensibly a portrait of Norma McCorvey, the nominal plaintiff in the Roe v. Wade case on abortion in the U.S. But the film's real purpose is to drop a bombshell.

New memoir shares raw tale of journalist’s path to Catholic faith

Readers who stick with "Sunday Will Never be the Same" will find themselves rooting for Dawn Eden Goldstein, a rock 'n roll journalist who opened her ears to God through a chaotic life.

The best things in life are free — like film classics in public domain

Have the time to watch old movies? See capsule reviews of 15 pictures from Hollywood's golden age that are currently in the public domain, along with links for viewing them online.

A shaggy ‘Scooby-Doo’ film returns with modern refit

Nostalgia aside, "Scoob!" salutes unity, loyal friendship, courage and self-sacrifice. It's a passable piece of animated entertainment but won't make much of an impression.

Papal biographer outlines pope’s efforts to make major changes in church

In "Wounded Shepherd," Austen Ivereigh chronicles the pope's seven-year effort to change how the church acts, thinks and bureaucratically administers doctrine and practice.

Play this game for beautiful, poetic escape from stress

Players looking to be immersed in the art, music and philosophy of the Far East will appreciate "Mirages of Winter." So will those searching for a tranquil refuge in difficult times.

‘Selah and the Spades’ brings mafia to high school

Gangsters in the style of "The Godfather" at an elite high school tell a psychological drama artfully constructed and convincingly acted in a modern parable of power, as told by a first-time director.

Ray Repp dies; wrote hymns ‘Allelu!’, ‘I Am the Resurrection’

The liturgical musician spearheaded the concept of the folk group-led "guitar Mass." His first songs, issued in the years following Vatican II, were staples in thousands of parishes for decades.

‘George W. Bush’ takes a mostly-warts view of president in PBS special

The TV documentary takes full advantage of hindsight, claiming the president should have foreseen 9/11 and the stock market collapse, or understood the long-term consequences of his decisions in Iraq.