‘The Campaign’ takes politics down an even lower road

NEW YORK (CNS) — After helming two much-lauded HBO political dramas — 2008’s “Recount” and 2012’s “Game Change” — director Jay Roach (“Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” and sequels) tries a more humorous approach to the same subject with “The Campaign” (Warner Bros.). Roach’s potentially salient big-screen critique of the nation’s electoral process, however, […]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

NEW YORK (CNS) — School’s out, and the local country club is the focus of fun in “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days” (Fox 2000). This second sequel in the comedy franchise that started with 2010’s “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is based, like its predecessors, on the “novels in cartoons” of Jeff Kinney. Sourced from […]

The Dark Knight Rises

NEW YORK (CNS) — Paradoxically, sometimes success at the box office can turn out to be a burden for a movie director. Having created one popular picture, Hollywood directors can find themselves faced with impossible expectations for the sequel. That problem is especially acute in the case of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy, of which […]

‘For Greater Glory’ movie review

NEW YORK (CNS) — “Viva Cristo Rey!” “Long live Christ the King!” Such was the rallying cry of the Cristeros — devout Mexican Catholics driven into open, sometimes violent, opposition to their government during the1920s by its policy of persecution against the church. This pious exclamation also serves as the stirring refrain of the powerful […]

‘Offering of the Angels’ exhibition presented at Michener Museum in Doylestown

It has to be one of the greatest exhibitions of Renaissance and Baroque sacred art ever presented in the Philadelphia area, and it is a must see at the James A. Michener Museum in Doylestown, running through Aug. 12. “Offering of the Angels,” drawn from the collections at the famed Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, […]

Test screening of ‘A Rose on Ninth Street’ will be held June 13

Joseph Ruggiero knows how to make his dreams come true. He wanted to write a book and he wrote it. “A Rose on Ninth Street,” published in 2002, follows the story of a South Philadelphia hoodlum and the young woman he loves — and whose father he’s out to murder. Happy but still hunting for […]

Capsule movie reviews

NEW YORK (CNS) — The following are capsule reviews of movies recently reviewed by Catholic News Service. “Battleship” (Universal) Feel-good nonsense about a rowdy naval officer (Taylor Kitsch) who has to grow up fast when he’s called upon to save the world from a seemingly invincible force of invading aliens. He’s aided, initially, by his […]

Priest shared life’s wisdom with former student

“Green Bananas: the Wisdom of Father Bill Atkinson” really sounds like a weird title for a book about a deceased priest. You have to know the context. As author Steve McWilliams explains in his introduction, when Father Atkinson was approached by Villanova University to receive an honorary degree and speak, he wrote back, “I never […]

Archbishop’s new book sees ‘the next America’

Archbishop Charles Chaput’s 2008 book “Render Unto Caesar” was, in his own words, “about the importance of Catholics witnessing their faith vigorously in public life — not simply as a matter of good citizenship, but also as an obligation to the Gospel.” Now in a shorter eBook, “A Heart on Fire: Catholic Witness and the […]

Imago Arts: Philadelphia’s new urban music and arts studio

Anja Eltgroth sat in dim candlelight and held up the rosary she created out of abandoned roses. “This is the beginning of the Imago Arts studio,” she said. “This rosary is a symbol of how Christ can take anything and make of it something more beautiful than we can imagine.” Discarded Valentine’s Day roses make […]